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The grass is greener on the other side – or is it?

The grass is greener on the other side – or is it? envy

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Many things we love to complain about actually have us stand on the green side of the fence. Take a driver’s license for instance. In Pennsylvania a learner’s permit will cost you around $35. Taking the test and getting a license is still very affordable. Sure, you need a car with insurance (hopefully) and a parent who is willing training the young one how to drive. In fact here it is the insurance amount that draws complaints like crazy. Rightfully so but before you complain look around for a little contrast.

Compare this to Germany for instance. When I got my driver’s license it cost around $1600 for my car and motorcycle license. Yes, you read this absolutely correctly. Back then you had to have successfully driven 12 lessons at $35 each before you could even take the practical test. For about 8 weeks you had to take theoretical lessons as well for being able to take the questionnaire. Today’s price has risen to above $2000. Crazy, huh?

While on one hand you would not want to be untrained driving on the Autobahn, the price is pretty steep for the privilege of driving like only flying is nicer. How do you feel about the hassle on this side of the Atlantic getting the young folks a driver’s license now? Sometimes we feel like complaining about everything when in fact our lives are much better than you may think (most Europeans pay around twice as much for gas).


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2 thoughts on “The grass is greener on the other side – or is it?

  1. Hello Ralf,
    100% agree. Driving a car is expensive in Europe compared to the United States. I think this might be unpleasant for the individual but on the other hand I am convinced that it is useful for the community, especially in wealthy countries. Maybe this situation inspires at least some of us to ponder if it is useful to move 2.5 tons of SUV steel in order to carry a 80kg passenger to the gym. I think it is very important to reflect what we are doing day by day. I know some people are still thinking that climate change has nothing to do with our behaviour. But I do not.
    Best wishes and move on blogging

    P.S.: Maybe I deviated a bit from the subject. Sorry for this.


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