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Removing our mental blind spot is a lot simpler than you think

Removing our mental blind spot is a lot simpler than you think 

MeYouWe live in a very contentious time when we have many a conflict at work and home as our opinions clash. Very often we find ourselves looking at virtually the same thing and yet we reach different conclusions. What if are just not considering the other view point enough?

Have you ever stood behind or next a person who Is looking into a mirror? Well, the difference looks about what the included pictures represent. The one on the left is how YOU see ME. The one on the left is how I see MYSELF. Pay attention to the facial features. How I see myself is not at all what you see when you look at me – it is the same face though! Do you also know people that stress out about their outward appearance? They are coifing up someone that only they can see that particular way.

My point is merely that between the reality you see and the one I see there is a difference just the way how we get to experience it through our own eyes. With a mirror image that may even be relatively simple, but just think of so many other topics where we will most likely never be able to come to an agreement about what the ultimate truth is. Between two viewpoints there is what I call the delta point; it lies somewhere between the two. It can almost never be the same just the same as our life journeys are unique to us. “All” you need to do in this situation is to at least listen to the other viewpoint. Ideally you will be able to create a mutually discovered new point of view, or you simply agree to disagree. I if you cannot do that think about the mirror view example and leave it be.

The worst you can do is to put up your blind spot again by actively disengaging from any dialog. Share the example and perhaps this can be another great day where ignorance can be overcome.


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