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How to avoid drama and anguish – drama busting at its finest

How to avoid drama and anguish – drama busting at its finest pablo

Photo credit: Pablo by Buffer.com

If the broom fits, ride it – if it doesn’t then don’t. This is a close cousin of “if the shoe fits, wear it – if it doesn’t then don’t”. These sayings refer to situations when other not so nice folks try baiting you to into becoming upset, or they just want to get their way no matter whether it is right or wrong. They say things just to irk you, getting a rise out of you, and outright try to get you to knuckle under such that you get out of their way. They say very hurtful things in the process and your primary urge is to fight back. And that is where you have to make a choice: Take the bait and get stuck in a down spiraling journey where chances are that you will even get more hurt, or you choose to pull out of that rollercoaster ride.

The bottom line is that you have to keep your cool no matter how hard they are trying for you to let your lizard brain take over. Why? That is really simple: high drama situations can spiral out of control really fast when you let your oldest part of the human brain go into flight, fight, or freeze mode. Only when your intellect is fully engaged can situations such as this be turned back into something you can control and you stop the drama right there and then.

The most important thing to remember doing is taking a deep breath and getting a little distance between you and the nastiness. That allows for you to be able to make a conscious choice rather than reacting instinctually. Then the most effective control action that you can choose is ignoring the picking and prying of your counterparts. Choose to not ride that broom and not to wear that shoe. Let the insults bounce right off of you. Most of those nasty folks will let go of you right away.


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