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It is a bad practice following best practices and best method

It is a bad practice following best practices and best methods pablo-9

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Who doesn’t know a little about the beaten path? Following best methods or best practices is generally portrayed as something good. It is highly desirable for folks to follow them because they render better results, or so they say. In fact a best method approach just means that it is the most often used method – no more, no less. It may also be a sure fire way to entrepreneurial mediocrity and a blah-blah life.

Just because many people have taken the path you are about to take does not automatically tell you that it is the best thing for you to do, is it? Does this even fit your set of conditions? Chances more often than not they are not, or not fully applicable. There is an even bigger issue with the best method approach.

In business, if you have managed to drive out cost by doing what other people do most often may be beneficial at first, but you actually help marginalize your product or service. Merely lowering sales price to increase sales volume you will have to drive down cost. You may encounter a nasty spiraling downturn in sales in the end anyway because now you are just doing what other people are doing too. That’s what is called a “me too” approach. Worse may be your financial folks paying you a not so comfortable visit because of dwindling profits. There will always be people who can copy our stuff faster than we can develop and market new ones. How is a best method approach going to render a competitive edge anymore?

Best practices in our social life are quite problematic. They are incredible boring. With no drive to change anything you are just waiting for low self-esteem, frustration, and perhaps even depression pestering you. The beaten path will beat you up, of course only figuratively.

What can you do about this? First and foremost you have to become fully aware about your situation. What is really going on and what is not being said when people say something to you? Are you just copying something, or are you providing real and intrinsic value? Ponder what the right thing to do is that is congruent with the legacy you want to leave behind. Find that alignment and start delivering it. You will never lead a bland life that way. You will never deliver commodity items at cutthroat prices either. Best practices simply have nothing to do with “best”, they just embody “average”. Look at best practices to merely represent industry and life trends. These do not work for you unless you learn how to make them relevant for you and your organization.


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