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Looking for the key to happiness?

Looking for the key to happiness? pablo-3

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Bad news: There is no key to happiness. Good news: It is not locked in the first place. Happiness is a choice. This reminds me of how a famous basketball player had been so unhappy with his life even though he had everything else he always wished for. In a nut shell it was the lack of purpose and the guiding hand leading him to it that had been the root cause of his unhappiness. If your breath can fog a mirror then I venture saying that at least one point in your life or another, you also have been struggling with being unhappy. Perhaps you are struggling with it right now.

There are two main reasons why we do not ponder what our purpose is to begin with. Barely being able to make ends meet is almost guaranteeing you making it on to the slippery slope of perpetual unhappiness. In order for you to ponder the question of your life’s purpose and to actively pursuing requires quiet time. Not only audibly but also mental quietness. Fewer thoughts mean better and deeper thoughts. That can be a stretch if your brain is cluttered with worries how to provide for yourself and family. Second biggie is that you treat happiness as a final goal, a final destination. Happiness is first and foremost a choice and describes a pathway and not the final destination. Are you ready to make this an active choice? Celebrities, like the one I mentioned above, get to “enjoy” a caveat of this in that they are surrounding by “friends” that tend to tell them what they want to hear instead of having the candor to say what needs saying. Even if they make a choice to be happy they do this often based on totally false truth.

Happiness’ foundation is purpose. Make sure to take time pondering what yours is. One way to do this is to close your eyes and think about what activities and people give you energy. When are you in a state of flow? That happens when you are losing track of time and it is so much fun and gives you lots of intrinsic motivation. You are getting mighty close to your purpose – the reason why you are here. No need to look for a key to happiness.


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