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We are short changing ourselves when we shy away from diversity

We are short changing ourselves when we shy away from diversity IMAG0773IMAG0772

Photo credit: Ralf Weiser

Individualism and diversity are close friends. These days this is hotly debated and unfortunately we seem to look for the easy answers rather than focusing on creating all inclusive solutions. Much like the pictures above we are complex individuals, sometimes a little out of focus, a little broken, perhaps we do not make sense to others and maybe cannot make sense of life ourselves. Who has not felt that way for even a little while? Don’t we all just want to be left alone and getting the same opportunities to live prosperous and happy lives? Anyway, at this micro level beauty and harmony does not easily make an appearance. We get side tracked and may object thinking this is “ugly”. Unfortunately, we appear to be reversing course away from diversity instead of embracing it.


Let’s shift your focus to the macro level and you will notice a remarkable shift change. When you put all of the pieces together you get a beautiful mosaic that will illuminate the people and all of a sudden make much more sense. It also changes from “ugly” to “beautiful”. That is the mosaic of life as it resembles us humans and our sense of community. Embracing each individual as they he / she is adds to the overall sense of beauty. It is a symbol for how important individualism and supporting diversity are. Never shy away from diversity – it makes us all stronger and much more beautiful.


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