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Respect is earned – do not expect people just give it to you

Respect is earned – do not expect people just give it to you pablo

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Expecting that respect be given to you because of what you know, who you are, and what your talents are, is as futile as expecting that you can eliminate gravity. Behavior like this just helps making things worse. The one who thinks the other people are doing him wrong gets bitter and angry. The folks around this person will make every effort spending even less time and attention on the bitter person – making that person even more irate. Ahhhh! This is a terrible downward communication spiral with absolutely no winner at all. Respect is earned, period.

How is respect earned?

  • Let go. Let go of the notion that you can MAKE anyone respect you. That is granted by the other person and cannot be forced.
  • Ignore ignorance. When people do not invite you into discussions even though you know and have the answers to their questions, just ignore this. Jump back into the conversation when you do get invited back in.
  • Be positive anyway. Make sure that you watch your language, mannerisms, and mimics. Bitterness oozes out of you regardless whether or not you think you can downplay it enough so no one will notice. They will notice it anyway. Learn to be positive and you will never regret it.
  • Hold no grudges. The vast majorities of people mean well and have a good heart. Sometimes you may feel that their contributions are not up to par and they should not even think to criticize you. Maybe you feel that they should also respect you enough to ask you for advice because you know the answers. Please realize that YOU may be the one who should hold back your judgment. Do you have the whole and broad picture of these people? Most make great contributions that we are not aware of and that makes them invaluable of having them on our team.
  • Deliver your craft. Nothing is more powerful when you deliver your craft – the stuff that you are on this Earth for – on time and with great depth. Deliver it timely and competently. Deliver it without expecting anything back in return.

Respect is easy to come by. The biggest change that lies ahead is not with the other people but YOU. Learn taking the first step and respect others first. Let go of the thought that you can control others. Only then will bitterness leave your heart and soul and your life will improve – now people will invite you and respect you.


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