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The other side of immigration: Finding the Pearl: Unstoppable passion, unbridled success

The other side of immigration: Finding the Pearl: Unstoppable passion, unbridled success 61lcdqtvull

Photo credit: https://www.amazon.com/Finding-Pearl-Unstoppable-passion-unbridled/dp/1928782418

With so much of a ruckus going on in and around Washington DC about immigration, I would highlight a book about what our nation can stand for and how awesome an immigrant story can go.

What would you do or risk for a high school education? Friend Tammy Fadler grew up in Vietnam and she went out of her way to attempt going to school. She bartered and begged such that her family would allow her to go to school. That determination carried her throughout her life. Eventually she worked all sorts of small jobs for American soldiers on a base in Vietnam. She married a GI and she did end up in the USA later. She came to the United States with $10 and a one-way ticket to the wrong city. Though this ended in divorce she was still filled with an incredible determined spirit. She became a successful entrepreneur first in the restaurant business and then in the real estate industry. Today she is a sought after motivational speaker (discover more here).

You can read about Tammy’s story in her book Finding the Pearl: Unstoppable passion, unbridled success. In the event that you should feel depressed or powerless, please pick up a copy of this book and read it. It is a testament to how the capabilities of the human spirit can overcome just about any hardship. Tammy had so much stacked up against her and yet she never relented. Her life’s journey furthermore provides proof how our country provides ample opportunity to anyone who desires to seize it.

I am proud of you Tammy! She found the pearl and so can you. Make this a must read book. Happy reading.


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