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The sun always shines above the clouds – life is all about perspectives

The sun always shines above the clouds – life is all about perspectives 16708522_1875406716036945_6821445900450343454_n

Photo credit: Kathryn Weiser

How much does the dreary winter weather bother you? The cold, dark, and damp days have been known to cause people to get edgy and perhaps even a little depressed. If this should happen to you as well I would offer for you to think about how much this feeling is a choice. The weather may be the initiation for you feeling badly, but at the end of the day it is your choice to either feel negatively or positively about this.

Once you have taken a flight anywhere you can probably appreciate what I am suggesting here. I offer for you to consider that the sun always shines about the clouds. Just yesterday I was reminded about this phenomenon when taking off from Newark airport during some of the dreariest weather you can imagine. First it rained hard and then it just drizzled near freezing temperature turning the trees near the airport into a winter dream landscape because of the drizzle freezing up on the tree branches. It was just miserable.

Once we took off the sunset was barely visible anymore, but the view above the clouds was spectacular. The photo (see above) was taken right over Frankfurt Germany with the sun coming up and the heavy clouds beneath us made for a dreary welcome on the ground. Above the clouds it was a heavenly scene though and I wished we could have hung out for quite some time.

How you and I feel about the weather is always a matter of our perspectives. Choose to look above the clouds and finding solutions for the troubles of the world and your own. Do not let the weather or anyone and anything get you down – make a better choice and feel good about yourself. The sun always shines up there!


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