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Why choosing curiosity on the road is a good thing – part II Berlin

Why choosing curiosity on the road is a good thing – part II Berlin 5e497a1b-d651-4aeb-a4cf-ab52fbe5ef67

Photo credit: Kathryn Weiser

There is a good reason why franchise restaurants and hotels work so well. Any established brand suggests you get a predictable service and/ or product. That is usually true no matter where you travel. Our hasty lifestyle sometimes doesn’t allow an awful lot of wiggle room for experiments.

While convenience and predictability are great time savers, they come with a big bill. We lose diversity and with it a ton of potentially great experiences. There are so many great sites and tastes out there to experience. All it takes is a little curiosity and courage trying out new and untried things.

This time I did not rent a car and I did not stay at a conventional hotel while traveling to Berlin Germany. I signed up becoming a member of www.db.de, which is the German railroad. When you also sign up to become a discount card member the travel is cheap, clean, on time, and you get to your final destination well rested. I was astounded how much better I felt not having had to drive. Local street and underground rail systems as well as buses get you within blocks of where you need to go. It is incredible how well this worked.

Another first for me has been using www.airbnb.com for finding a place to stay. Here private homeowners rent a room, apartment, etc to you for little money. Comfort and value were astounding. The apartment I stayed at was exactly as advertised and the host was super nice and could provide ample insight as to where to go shopping and even where to have a nice meal. All the while no fuss during check in and check out. I will try this again next week and can recommend this for you to give that a go.

Make good use of times like the holidays or other vacation and take some time to explore the richness of diverse restaurants, hotels, bed and breakfasts, and many a hole in the wall places. Choose diversity over convenience – at least once and a while. You will not regret it. Much like this time there may not even be any loss of comfort or convenience.


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