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5 farewell survival methods

5 farewell survival methods 16708522_1875406716036945_6821445900450343454_n

Photo credit: Kathryn Weiser

Visiting friends and family whom you may not have seen for quite a while is great. Best is when you get some time to spend with them, but one thing waits for you at the end: The farewell. Visiting my sister recently – with whom I am really close to – let me ponder this dilemma while saying yet another tearful “Auf Wiedersehen”. Much like anything in our human existence, there are a few mental approaches to parting ways with people who mean a lot to you.

  • The Band-Aid approach: What I mean by this is to approach it like ripping a Band-Aid off your skin so it hurts only once (I might add that I have always found this to hurt more, but it does not take as long). Keep it short and sweet and do not extend the time you have together too long. A quick heartfelt hug and off you go.
  • Extend your togetherness to the fullest: Drawing it out some more and perhaps having a meal together or hanging out at the coffee bar at the airport for a little while longer can sometimes get you slowly prepared for what is to come. This may allow for you exchanging some more ideas and memories and this may let you both feel a little better as you leave.
  • Follow up: Good news is that this is the 21st Century and we can follow up with our loved ones as soon as you leave. Whether you are driving or flying, you can be connected 24/7 and thus tell your loved ones where you are and that you are ok and thinking of them.
  • Staying in touch: This has never been this easy staying in touch. You name it and we have it. Just think of our smart phones, Skype, NetMeeting, Chats, Texting, Instagram, Tweets, Facebook, Glympse (this is a really great App), WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc. Physically you may be separated, but once you are tricked out with all possible electronic means you are never really that far apart. A really nice old fashioned caveat to this is leaving a card or note behind that you hid somewhere for your close ones to find when you are gone. It is my favorite.
  • Coming back: One thing to always keep thinking about is the fact that you could and should always come back to see your folks again sometime soon. What is nicer than to come back and spend more time face-to-face together?

No matter how sad you may be right now if you need to say goodbye to someone soon. Please rest assure that there are some ways of coping with this situation and I am hoping the 5 small ideas above may be of some help to you. Good luck and perhaps you have a few ideas of your own that you may want to share with the other followers?


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