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The secret to stress busting – 7 proven strategies how to get there

The secret to stress busting – 7 proven strategies how to get there 

The best kept secrets are the ones that are the ones that reside right in front of our open eyes. We cannot see it even though they are so close and within arm’s reach. Sometimes we are stressed enough that our receptors are incapable of realizing what we are doing to ourselves. The first step to stress busting is slowing down and taking a quick inventory of how we feel.

Once our brains are now open to realize what is going on, we can then plan what to do against stress. Please find below a few low calorie and low cost strategies that are guaranteed to reduce your stress level.

  • Re-framing of the issue. Whatever the issue think about how you are in control over how you deal with your thoughts. You are not your thoughts. You are in charge of your thoughts. All you need to start thinking of your botched
  • Laughter. Nothing – and I mean nothing – beats a good laughter session. My favorite is going to local events in theaters much like the act from Parallel Exit (click here to check them out). It’s a low cost way to stress relieving belly laughter.
  • Sleep. Kick your sleeping time up a notch and go to bed instead of watching TV, or doing more work that will stress you out even more. It’s tough, I know, but it is also extremely effective and will help improve your quality of life.
  • Exercise. Take a brisk walk at lunch time. You can do this just about anywhere. In fact you can even do this at work at the office. Best is going outside and walking around the block, but depending on the size of your company you may even be able walking inside the office or shop whatever the case may be. It’s cheap and has an awesome stress busting effect.
  • Low fat diet. Fruit, yogurt, veggies, and drinking lots of water. Top this off with not eating anything after 7 pm. Watch what happens to your stress level and quality of sleep. Nothing short of mind boggling.
  • A visit of the clutter fairy. Unclutter your work station and if at all possible your home. Invite your clutter fairy into your life and let her wand guide you towards less stress. Clutter stresses you out and will also impact the folks working and living with you. Periodically clean up your mess. It’s a great time saver too. This is of course nothing for folks who believe that order is only for people who are just too lazy to look for stuff.
  • Friends and family. Make sure that you like and absolutely trust these folks. When you do, you should seek their company and share your frustration and things that stress you out. Seek community – not solitude when your mood is low. Solitude is reserved for finding life’s answers and your purpose, but it tends to drive your mind even crazier when you are stressed out already.
  • Mental jogging. Ask yourself one key question: Will whatever stresses me out today still matter in 5 years from now? Chances are that most of it will not matter in the big scheme of things and all you need to do is untangling your thoughts that your brain twisted into a pretzel.

No matter which or all of them you choose to implement for the day, you will feel better immediately. There are all easy and cheap to implement and can either be done on the fly or used as part of a major habit change you have always wanted to do. Because we often forget how easy stress busting can be, print out the list and put it in a place where you can see it – that way you can see the forest before the trees the next time.


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