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Make sure to enjoy life while it is still in a giving mode

Make sure to enjoy life while it is still in a giving mode 

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This past week has been a bit of a challenge and a vivid reminder as to how precious the gift of life is. 14 year old Michael Costello passed away suddenly two years after receiving a much needed heart transplant. He just loved GeoCaching and his enthusiasm for it encouraged my son to be totally enthused about it as well. Those two went on some interesting GeoCaching adventures and I know that it helped him forget about his health issues. Please watch a video tribute to Michael here by the Joshua The Geocaching Vlogger. This coming Sunday is Michael’s birthday. Please go GeoCache, check it out if you do not know anything about it, and tag any social media posts with #Geocache4Michael in memory of him and as encouragement for his family.

First life gives, later it starts taking things away from you. When we are young there are so many gifts that are available to us. Skills, friends, education, career, health, etc., in fact there are countless examples of it. Then there is a time when life seems to start taking things away from us.

Sure, there are still many new gifts that keep coming our way as we grow older, but there are equally more people and other things important to us that are whisked away. Take health for instance. Fortunately we do not come with expiration stickers on our bums, but we just do not know if there will be another day for us to enjoy each other’s company the next day.

How about you? Where are you in this cycle? Is life still giving you more than it takes? Hopefully so. Be really thankful if it does and do not waste any time making the best of the gifts presented to you. Also, growing older lets us take fewer risks – it’s the tool helping avoid things being taken away from you. Point of today’s post is to appreciate life to its fullest and to fill it with meaning. You never know if your life is the next thing that is about to disappear.


PS: Give your children a good long hug tonight

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