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Acknowledging that you have an issue is a great start to getting better

Acknowledging that you have an issue is a great start to getting better 

Most problems have a simple solution – if we just spend a little time researching on our own. We are getting lazier and lazier, and yes, I am not the exception.

Technology seems to have made that effect even worse. Rather than figuring out what the problem is by ourselves, we resort to asking others first. How many times did it happen to you that there had not been a problem in the first place – the problem may just have been YOU.

If you are the recipient of such requests for help on a frequent basis, you have a choice to make. Your ego may be delighted to be viewed as a specialist and addressing all these issues. Then again, you may just want to reduce this traffic. If the latter lights you up, then the simple recipe is to respond in about a day or two.

What will happen is that truly urgent matters get resolved by themselves. Chances are that if people still ask you for an answer on day two, the matter is indeed ready for you to solve it. The benefit will be that there are now fewer of them waiting for you.


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