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How to ruin your public speech career in one easy swoop

How to ruin your public speech career in one easy swoop 

My daughter provided the backdrop of this post at the dinner table. She brilliantly asserted that she would tune any public speaker out the moment he or she starts talking only about themselves. She mentioned having to endure a commencement speech once with a football celebrity who had droned on and on about the film that had been made about him. She tuned him out during the first couple of minutes of the speech. That is a huge waste of potential

Her comments are profound in that any public speaker (and that includes teachers, business leaders, leader-managers, etc) detracts automatically from his/ her credibility and listening worthiness the moment the speech is not audience centered. Just think of the best speakers (I love Gair Maxwell, Simon T Bailey, John O’Leary) and what makes them so effective and likeable. They have one trait in common: they make their presentations all about the audience.

If you need to be in front of people presenting something ask yourself this question: How do I have in front of me and what may they be interested in when I talk to them? If no one listens to you why put the effort into speaking at all?


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