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Bitter people do not prosper

Bitter people do not prosper 

Bitter people are annoying. Being around them can suck the energy right out of you. Even worse is working with or for them. One thing that should let you keep your wits together is the confidence knowing that those sour folks by a vast majority will never go far in life. Even if they do they do not do so in the long run.

Bitterness is not uplifting. It kills creativity. It does not create goodwill in others. It is not inspirational. It raises your blood pressure. It prevents you from living the life you should live. Living a bitter life is like wearing concrete shoes – you will get stuck in place.

Do everything to avoid being around bitterness. Bitter folks usually get stuck and stay stuck – not you though as you get promoted or move up in life. Take the high road and always be grateful, empathetic, and always ready to forgive.


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