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The only way how to prevent personal burn out

The only way how to prevent personal burn out 

“I should”, “I have to”, “I must”, “others expect me to”, but “do I want to”? So goes the daily mental torture most of us are familiar with. There is a lot of pressure on us every day. We play a ton of different roles and the most powerful stress is the one we create ourselves. How alive are you to recognize this and actually do something about it?

Turn your “I should do’s” around by saying “I am doing”. It is a great stress buster and will enhance your quality of life greatly.

First and foremost though, you will have to take an honest inventory about your current state of your life. What are the aspects you really like and provide you with energy? What are the things you want to get away from?

Sort out all the experience and current roles that you may have but they really are not leading to mental peace. Stress occurs when you keep on doing stuff that may have been fun at the time and have been the reason why your career went skyward. That does not mean this is the stuff that you should continue doing.

Now the toughest part: It’s decision time. First do this exercise by yourself, but you will have to involve the people that mean the most to you soon thereafter. Then you need to convert your new plan into action: I am doing this! This is as scary as it is exhilarating.

Come up with a plan. You do not plan – you plan to fail. Put down a time frame by which you intend to have reached your new state. Work back in time and come up with benchmarks. Plan, do, review, and correct. Celebrate the little successes along the way. In around 18 months you will see an amazing climb and before you know it you are there: “I am doing this, because I want to!”


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