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1 piece of advice when seeking advice from experts

1 piece of advice when seeking advice from experts 

Oh boy, this can be a challenge. What do you want to hear from an expert? In most cases you already know what the so called expert is going to tell you. That is the ironic thing with seeking expert advice. Most situations have deteriorated so badly by the time that you need advice that it is too late to do anything yourself, but in essence you already know how you got there and the basic options that are available to you to make everything better. The biggest wrinkle is whether or not you know what you want and what to choose when the expert presents you with some tough choices. You want the expert possibly provide you with a better outcome at a lower risk and cost. Most often this does not really work out well. Experts are much like the majority of consultants in business: They tell you the hard truth of what you already knew and they get to charge money for it and on top of it all you have to do the hard work anyway – and they do not even have to stay for the duration.

Do not fret this situation. The way out of this mental one-way street is to have a plan that represents the choices and decisions that you have to make. The next thing is to share this plan with your friends and family members. With this kind of preparation then go to the expert (I like the word specialist better) and ask for advice. Continue with the planning and then execute the plan. Review your choices frequently and make corrections if need be. Good luck!


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