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5 good reasons why people are wrong calling you being “weak as water”

5 good reasons why people are wrong calling you being “weak as water” 

I used to think that this referred to water having no taste and no effect at all on anything. It is a liquid after all and the negative connotation thus hints toward weakness. The more I think about it, the more I believe that we have been wrong about it. In fact water is stronger and more human than you may have ever thought.

  • Water is very persistent and yet accommodating. Just look how it forms a stream and follows its path faithfully. It remains powerful and persistent all the way to when it meets the sea. It is always ready to give itself up. Flexibility and persistence are among the greatest human attributes as well.
  • Water can transcend from liquid to gas, or solid. External forces can change its characteristics significantly and remain useful in each form. We are also blessed with this attribute. Depending on external forces we also adapt and make good use of the respective attributes that come with it.
  • Water gives and sustains live as we know it. No other substance is like it. We are mostly comprised of water.
  • Water can cut stone. With high pressure and flow it possesses the power to transform and cut stone and even steel. We humans may be weak and yet under the right circumstances mind and body are capable of incredible feats of strength.
  • Water can go bad if not maintained well. Worse, bacteria and other organisms start growing in it. Always be on the move and you do not go stale.

As you can see there is more to water than meets the eye. It is not weak or without effect – and neither are we.


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