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6 strategies to get rid of your mental grid lock once and for all

6 strategies to get rid of your mental grid lock once and for all 

Here you are and you envy all the people who “have it together”. They are focused, have found their purpose, and they are successful at it. In other words: They are on fire and inspire others because they are so focused on the goals they have set for themselves. You are struggling with the fact that you are close in figuring out what your life’s purpose is, and yet it feels like you are at 211º degrees and you just cannot get the temperature up another degree and thus over the boiling point. Yet, you are steaming over the fact how others have seemingly been born with purpose on their mind from the day one.

Though there is not a one size fits all approach, there are a few steps that can help getting rid of your mental gridlock about what it is that you should be doing:

  1. It is not a single bright idea that will bring you fame and fortune. It’s all about executing an idea in an expert fashion – it does not even need to be a brilliant service or product; just top notch execution will get you to the next level.
  2. Start with pondering what kind of things give you energy and which ones don’t. The ones that do will put you into a state of flow and time no longer matters. How far off are you with what you do and who you are today?
  3. Realize that your future emerges from the present. Raise your head and look at the big picture. Which pieces of your puzzle do you have together already and which ones just need a little distance helping you realize a better fit.
  4. Journal your thoughts and ponder them frequently. If at all possible get yourself an accountability partner who can reflect on your goals and strategies at least on a monthly basis.
  5. Be rigorous about delivering upon the things you want to achieve each month. This kind of prototyping will flush out bunny trails that are a waste of time, and then again you home in on the things you were born to do. Make sure you Plan-Do-Review-Correct. “Ship” something.
  6. Here is the most important point: Share your journey and where you are now and where you want to be. Do this frequently with the more folks the merrier. It’s all about who knows you and not whom you know.

You can easily get away from your mental block with the 6 steps mentioned above. The only thing you need to be comfortable with is the thought that your life may never be the same as soon as you have the courage to dig a little deeper about what your life’s purpose is. Once you scratch at this you and your views will change and you may not be able to turn back. Are you brave enough for this part of the journey? I would say that you should never live a life of regret and therefore you should definitely go for it.


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