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How to take control of your life

How to take control of your life  

Photo: Chef Marcus Lepke decided to become the boss of his life’s kitchen

Your life is pretty much the equivalent to a restaurant. All you need are recipes and you can become the cook in the kitchen. How do you become great at it? Top priority is that you need to be ready investing in your self-awareness first and foremost. It drives two essential elements: the recipe and the differentiation between chef and guest.

We humans develop and follow patterns all the time. They are more important than we realize. For instance, how do you know how to behave when you go to the airport and trying to queue up for going through the security check up? You follow patterns. Next time you fly try paying attention why you find your way and just “know” what to do.

These patterns are like cooking recipes. You gather up the ingredients and you can create predictable outcome by following the rest of the recipe. Just about anyone can follow them and crank out at least reasonable results. How good the final product turns out merely depends on the cook’s experience and his desire of achieving true mastery of it.

Before you start “cooking”, you need to decide which role you want to play when it comes to your life’s journey – your restaurant. Do you want to be the guest and take a more passive role? Or do you want to go into the back and pick up the role of the chef? Either way, take an active role in choosing this role carefully.

Only the chef can truly make the difference at your restaurant. Realize, much like the chef must make many choices before turning even as little as a range’s knob. Who will be the target audience? Will it be fast food, or a gourmet dinner place? What legacy do you want to leave? Do you want churn and burn with customers, vendors, and your employees, or would you want to choose a more sustainable leadership style?

That is the salt in the soup here (pun intended). What I mean is that the preparation takes the brunt of the time of the whole cooking experience. The better and more extensive this planning session goes, the greater the chance that the endeavor will be successful.

Sometimes it is not bad to be the passive guest in your own kitchen. Realize though that you do not have the abundance of choices that you have as the chef. The more you want to strive for success, significance, happiness, freedom, fulfillment, etc., the more you will need to show up for kitchen duty and cranking up the stove to high heat. That will also reflect on the quality of relationships in your social and business lives. Guten Appetit!



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