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Do you want to learn how to stay positive? Here is how

Do you want to learn how to stay positive? Here is how 

People keep asking me how I can seemingly always stay positive and be so darn enthusiastic. It is really a simple and straight forward challenge: Do you choose seeing the positives of any given situation, or do you whine and complain and see nothing but issues? It is a choice that you are making every morning when you wake up.

Some folks just do not know how powerful this simple choice really is. But think about it, happiness is not a final destination it is a mere description of the way how to get and stay there. Happiness is here one moment and gone another. Being enthused about who you are and what you do will carry you through the rough spots when you may not be happy, but you are still totally engaged and moving forward on creating the next moment of intense happiness.

Next biggest challenge of yours is finding out what you are passionate about. Only if who you are turns into what and how you do it will you feel fully engaged and what you do – no matter how stressful it is – will give you energy instead of draining it from you. That is something to be enthusiastic about.

The other caveat is that what other alternatives between these two choices do you really have? When you are in a funk and you really do not know how to get enthused about anything, please stop by at your local children’s hospital at the unit that helps our little ones who suffer from cancer. If that trip does not humble or inspire you I venture saying very little else will help you. I had an opportunity to visit Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia and the images of some of the kids who keep smiling at you and talk to you as if I was the one who could use some help will be forever engraved into my brain. If these young people who were supposed to have their whole life in front of them muster a smile and have a word of encouragement for you, trust you me, I will stay very positive and enthused about every day that comes along.

I am sure you caught the drift here. All happiness and feeling enthused take is a recipe cooked up with a healthy dose of personal reflection (preferably generated in solitude) and making an active choice every day looking at the good things that are coming down the pike for you. Give your globe a good shake.


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