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Technology connected the world and disconnected us people

Technology connected the world and disconnected us people 

It’s just sad. No matter where I look here we are glued to our smart phones. Most of us even have two phones; one for work and the other one for ourselves. At the gym men and women “resting” on just about any machine that has a seat while they are checking their phones usually interrupt my regular routine. Come dinnertime – actually any mealtime – I see many a family staring at their little screens. They are not talking to each other though. People walk into light poles or walls because they are totally engulfed in whatever they are doing online while walking. Then there are the many folks who must check their latest texts while driving.

Fabulous technology has shrunk the world and connected us 24/7 helping level the playing field for any small entrepreneur. Yet, it has managed disconnecting us as people, friends, and family. There a few ways that help avoid turning into a cell phone zombie:

  1. When you are at a restaurant ask everyone to put his or her mobile device in the middle of the table. Let everyone switch it off. Radical? Certainly. Effective? Absolutely.
  2. Put your mobile device as far away as possible from your bed and side table. You just do not want to be tempted to look at the screen time and again. You will not get to sleep soon enough. Give yourself a rest.
  3. While driving do not use that phone. Instead, set your phone to do not disturb while driving. It blocks all notifications, etc and provides peace of mind without any distraction.
  4. While working out at the gym listen to your favorite tunes. And then get on with your workout. It is really that simple. I know that you can say that you have been to the gym without turning red even though for the better portion of your workout you have simply been sitting around. Instead get going and just put in the work into “workout”.

Embrace technology to the fullest and at the same time also know well when to turn it off. Make sure you reconnect with the people that mean the most to you. Do that by giving them the most meaningful gift you can give to anyone: your presence.


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