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7 questions to ask yourself getting out of crisis mode

7 questions to ask yourself getting out of crisis mode 

Crisis is the catalyst of purpose. Nothing flushes out what your real priorities and values are until you are in crisis mode – and that is the ironic thing about it: crisis helps bring about change and your purpose.

The most important thing you can do for yourself when you are under duress is to open your mind, heart, and will for your purpose to develop in front of your eyes. Instead of dreading stressful challenges coming your way, embrace them instead. Journal about what happened and how you dealt with it. If need be, the best practice is to momentarily retreat from the turbulent action. Regroup and allow planning time. The fewer thoughts you have the better, because they are of a better quality.

Ponder this list of questions and really listen to your inner voice replying to them.

  • What elements really spoke to me?
  • What gave me energy?
  • What drained me of energy?
  • What were the things I learned from the experience?
  • Was there a moment when I stopped the process and changed course? Why? What worked here? What didn’t?
  • Who were my allies?

True moments of clarity do not come along easily. They either take tremendous planning and self-directed effort, or they occur during crisis. One way or the other, make good use of the opportunities that come your way. Never accept average when you could reach your full potential – we are blessed with so much of it, so don’t waste it.


1 sure-fire way setting yourself apart in today’s workplace

1 sure-fire way setting yourself apart in today’s workplace 

One sure fire way to set yourself apart from others, is to be kind, fair, curious, courageous, humble, determined, and hardworking in a world that often is not like that at all. Rather than playing the part of a victim own your life and make it your journey. No matter how good, bad, or the ugly it may be now.

Does any of the above cost you anything extra? No, not a Cent more. So why are so many people around us miserable and nasty? Beats me. Life for the most part is truly a choice. Exercising this choice in a smart and effective way is however easier said than done. How often do you find yourself reacting to an emotion rather than a clear thought? That would be our good old lizard brains getting us into trouble with flight-fight-flee mode in mind.

Being kind, fair, curious, courageous, humble, determined, and hardworking takes a clear mind that is free from all that. Sometimes all it takes is taking a deep breath, a walk around the office, a little bit of exercise, a good night’s sleep, etc. providing our brains with enough of an emotional distance to the situation at hand. Just look around you how much nastiness exists. Don’t you want to be different than that? Set yourself apart from all of that.


“Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right”

“Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right” 

This quote is from Henry Ford and he got this right: I care or I don’t, it shows either way. Sticking around work because you need the money and that is a way to get it may be a way making ends meet, but it is a dead end career move. It will always show that you are not “in to it”. Your coworkers may notice it first and draw their own conclusions from it, your leadership will also notice. Guess what, while your job may never be in danger of getting eliminated because you are competent – you will end up getting stuck doing whatever you are doing now.

Only when you truly care about your job and what you do does this genuinely show. That can create an upward career spiral with fantastic results. First and foremost you will end up asking for more work that you love doing. Perhaps you may ask your manager do something different too. It’s not about the quantity but quality and greater responsibility that will make your work more fulfilling.

Beginning and ending a job always involve YOU. Make a choice to either get “in to it” or to get out. Understanding that this choice may not be easy at all to make, also realize that nothing ever changes, if the pain of remaining the same is not greater than the pain of changing.


Nothing beats sticking to your dreams

Nothing beats sticking to your dreams 

Much like ancient Samurai sword makers you have the opportunity ever day to shape your destiny and the majority of how your life will turn out much like they shaped and toughened their swords. The analogy that I am drawing from is simply how many centuries ago these craftsmen refined steel with only simple methods and yet they achieved manufacturing some of the toughest and sharpest weapons to date. This is less about weapons than it is about how you have been given the opportunity to make the best out of live with really simple methods – you just have got to be determined to see it through no matter how much work it takes.

Swords must be tough, able to withstand severe impacts, remain sharp, and still be as light as possible. Achieving this with the iron that was mined back in the day was pretty tough. How blacksmiths did this was by layering different grades of steel to make the inner part softer providing durability and the outer part hard and sharp. Iron of that vintage had many impurities. In order to get rid of them the craftsman had to keep heating the iron and then fold and pound it over and over to literally pound out the impurities just to then put it into cold water to quench and thus heat treat the steel. It was a long and labor intensive process that took many, many hours.

Here is your opportunity: Insert your many things that need to be considered, thought about and hammered out (pun intended). Every day comes rich with new challenges and you need to make a choice to take them on and then to deal with them. Here is the prime opportunity for you to shape your life, making it durable, sharp and tough enough to withstand the things that are thrown into your way. Are you ready to turn up the heat and keep taking a swing at it?


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