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Circumstance does not matter – it matters what you are made of

Circumstance does not matter – it matters what you are made of 

Circumstance impacts our decision-making. It impacts our future. It can even impact who we are and what we are called to become. The quirky thing though is that circumstance does not carry that much weight. Much like boiling water will soften the potato will also harden the egg. It matters more what you are made of – not the circumstance.

At one time of my life I really thought that having endured living with alcoholic parents would forever typecast me. During my teen years I often thought that my life would take a course for the worse. With so much baggage how could other people ever see that I was not like my father? Sometimes I was tempted to use my troubled family’s past as an excuse for the mistakes I made.

Fortunately, due to the influence of my mom and grandparents, I learned that none of that mattered. What mattered was my choice in the moment. It is ALWAYS my choice how to react in any situation. There may not be a right or wrong, but there is always a better or worse choice.

So what are you made of? Circumstance will challenge you to the core. Will you take the time to step back from your instinctual reactions? That is what it is all about. It’s taking the time making a better choice. At least actively choose and don’t just react to whatever happens to you.



A better way dealing with emotional scars

A better way dealing with emotional scars 

It is inevitable: we sustain plenty of mental and physical scars throughout our lives. In one way or another they will always be visible. Since they are blemishes we attempt hiding them as best as possible. It’s tough enough that we know that they are there; let’s not alert others to them. Why hide it though?

Your scars were payment for some invaluable experience. They managed to change you. Would you ever do whatever you did (or didn’t do) that way again? You will not be able fooling people for long before they find out anyway. Deal with what caused them and then learn from your hard earned experience. Wear your scars with a sense of pride. Not embracing them is foolish.


Vivid memories

Vivid memories 

Photo credit: Ralf Weiser

The brisk rich fall air that fateful bright sunny morning.

Little did we know that our lives would change forever that day.

Over 2996 souls would not come that day – but we did.

The eerie quiet sky in the aftermath.

Remembering where we were and what we did is now etched into our memories.

Cannot forget visiting the WTC and standing on top enjoying the view.

Recalling how magnificent the towers stood looking up standing in front of the towers so long ago.

Worrying about friends, relatives caught up in the events.

Watching the news with hope, disbelief, and sadness.

Looking for revenge and then letting go of that thought. Someone has to start letting go of the hatred.

First resistance offered by brave souls over Pennsylvania farmland.

The many heroes, known and unknown, who saved so many lives that day.

United we stood – as a country. We will never forget the feeling of being united no matter who we are.

United we need to stand – always. There will always be threats and things that we can do better. Hatred cannot win. Love will.

Pray for the dead, pray and think of the living. Let’s never forget – ever – how precious and rich our lives are.




6 ways making deadlines work for you

6 ways making deadlines work for you 

Photo credit: Ralf Weiser

It may not always come down to a few minutes until a deadline comes your way, but have you noticed how much activity goes on leading up to one? It proves one thing: No deadline means that very few goals would ever get achieved. There is a way channeling this phenomenon working for you.

There are some famous instances where last minute deadlines brought on an unbelievable amount of work. I was vividly reminded of this visiting the Air and Space Museam near Dulles Washington DC Airport (see photos). Many artifacts were the product of super tight deadlines – the planes and rockets etc were essential for the war efforts. I remember one particular experimental plane took 100 days from concept to being ready to physically taking off. Imagine this today where so many project run over their allotted time and cost goals.

Now look at examples from work or your social life and I venture saying that you will not have to look far for finding similar situations. Have you ever gone through a planned software change at work? Fun stuff, huh? Not really, but there is usually one faction who would like to make sure that the switch over is flawless and hence they are never done. It typically takes someone drawing a line in the sand declaring a time and place when it finally will occur. Trust you me, most places will not get into overdrive mode much before about a month or two are left until the start deadline.

How can you make this work for you?

  • Make sure you always think about having a deadline with any project that you want to kick off.
  • Have a few checkup dates leading up to the due date
  • Plan on needed about 20% more time than what you thought initially
  • Have a backup solution handy in case anything goes wrong
  • Define a point of no return
  • Clearly communicate if and when folks are expected telling you when things go off course

No matter how much you may dread significant up and coming changes and their inevitable implementation due dates. Instead of fighting them, embrace them. Don’t be the problem, instead try finding solutions and then make sure there is a deadline. Without a commonsensical solution and a time challenged implementation plan success will likely never find you.


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