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Focus on the boulders along the stream and you will surely hit them

Focus on the boulders along the stream and you will surely hit them Ralf a

Sounds counterintuitive but it makes sense: Picture yourself in a canoe going down a small stream and around a bend all of a sudden you see a bunch of boulders directly in your current path. You paddle like crazy and you focus all your attention on the boulders in trying avoiding them. Guess what? You just doomed yourself because you will surely hit them straight on anyway, because you trained your brain to lock in on the rocks – and not where you should have gone.

Anyone playing golf, soccer, football etc gets to use this concept. Getting the ball hitting the target works best when you imagine the ball in the place where it needs to go. Now reflect upon your social and work life. What and where are the boulders that you have your eyes set on? Do you want to hit them? Flip this around by pondering and imagining a desired and positive outcome for yourself. Voila! You have reset the clocks and can now tap into the power of intention.


Change your life or career and do it soon!

Change your life or career and do it soon! Ralf a

Isn’t it fascinating how many people are unhappy with their careers and lives and yet they do not do anything about it? What appears to be happening is that the pain of remaining the same is not greater that the pain of changing (read more on that here). The solution is mind bogglingly simple though. Make an active choice to be happy where you are, or choose to do something about it – just do not do anything and be miserable every day about it.

The status quo is painful to watch and listen to. FB and other social media sites are full of status updates that begin or end with “ugh”. Many of the folks “cannot wait for Friday afternoon to roll around” and it’s only Monday. Yet, the day job is having a great comeback as far as popularity is concerned (click to view Forbes article).

Do not waste your life away complaining and longing for something that you will do something about some day. That day is either now or never. Get busy living.


If you want to go on adventure you cannot lie in bed all day

If you want to go on adventure you cannot lie in bed all day

Picture credit: Ralf Weiser, Miami at the end of a beautiful day

Summertime is here and hopefully you have made plans to go places. We are so blessed living in a country that has got so much to see and experience. One thing that I keep encouraging especially young folks is to go to new places. Meet new people. See new cities. If at all possible go and see different countries and cultures. Go camping. Take an RV to travel around. Make a point of seeing as many as possible national parks. Go try see and experience all 50 States we are blessed to have.

How many people do you know who tell you that they are all up for adventure and then never go? How many would rather stick around at home and not go outside your county? How many of those people cannot get off the sofa or bed and away from the TV or computer screen?

  • Travel helps recharge your batteries. Getting away from it all makes a huge impact on how well you feel.
  • Travel encourages synchronicity. Who knows whom you are destined to meet along the way of your travels? Believe in coincidence? I do not. Our paths cross for a certain reason.
  • Travel broadens your horizon. No pun intended as I mean this more on the side of getting to know how many different ways the anything can be done. Therefore, it drives up tolerance for other people and how they see and do stuff. Fewer conflicts and even wars would happen if we all went and met with how every human just wants to be happy, safe, and content as well.
  • Travel gets you involved in totally different circles of people. Advancement in life comes from not whom you know, but who knows you.
  • Travel lets you experience gratitude and a sense of space. How blessed we truly are hits home best when you are on the road and physically get a feel for it. The sheer size and variety of our culture and the many different marvelous sites makes for a very humbling experience.

Go out and travel. As stressful as life can be, it is uplifting and incredibly refreshing to do something different even if at first it may take some effort to get going. Life is too great to waste it on the sofa or bed.


How to become a planning ahead Ninja

How to become a planning ahead Ninja Lack of planning

Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part. That is my guiding thought when I plan ahead myself. I do not want to be a burden to others just because I did not look far ahead enough into the future and populating my calendar. It is tough for me as I had not been used to do that for the longest time. Just think about your work place and how (I bet!) there is a lot of last minute activity in on your schedule. Business meetings – even large and important ones – are rarely scheduled more than hours or a few days ahead of time. How many times have you showed up for meetings and your meeting party forgot about the meeting or runs terrible late?

In our type of business we have mostly long term projects that typically run between 12 weeks and 12 months and when it is time to start up the equipment we get a call only a few days before the plant must be up and running. Instead of planning ahead at least 2-4 weeks this task is left to the last minute. Our teams may be pretty resilient and we make this crazy and largely unpredictable schedule work anyway, but this comes at a tremendous cost – trust goes down, and cost and time goes up.

All of this means that you can waste a lot of your time and money if you do not make the effort scheduling events quite a few weeks out. Scrambling around in the last minute is directly related to the time versus cost algorithm: The less time you have, the more it will cost. It is that simple.

There are of course ways to forego this sizable issue:

  1. Make good use of an electronic calendar. Preferably use something like Outlook, Google/Droid, or the iPhone platforms that synchronize your home AND business calendars no matter where you are. Here is the Apple platform and this is Google’s.
    1. A sub set of 1. is getting a smart phone or at least an electronic organizer. Yes, setting it up can be tough, but look at it this way: It may take a few hours to get it working right, but you will be saving and using this for days and weeks to come. It is worth the effort.
    2. If going with electronics is not your cup of tea, well get yourself a calendar for home (hand it up where everybody can see it), one for work and one for your pocket that you carry with you at all times.
  2. Actually look at your calendar DAILY. Pick a time and make it a routine check. Do it at the end of the day and look at tomorrow’s appointments. Then check the rest of the week and of course 4 weeks out.
  3. Become a fan of good housekeeping. Keep your schedule clean of any out of date information. Nothing is worse than people not being able to trust your calendar. Trust is another time and money waster you do not want as your enemy.

Good luck with planning ahead and saving yourself time, frustration, nerves, and ultimately some money.


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