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A bright future is waiting for you – but can you hear it call your name?

A bright future is waiting for you – but can you hear it call your name? Ralf a

At one point or another of your life you may have been wondering what you really want to do. You may still be stuck in a job you do not like right now. You are looking for any sign out there telling you what you are here for. Challenge is that you are looking for a billboard type sign when in fact all you have to do is slow down and listen: If you want to hear about your future you have to listen for a very faint voice.

There are a few sizable issues to contend with when it comes to being able to make out this quiet source of wisdom:

  • Busyness: We are way to busy and like to keep it that way. Moving around typically means that progress is being made. Problem is that if we do not slow down then we cannot make time for some reflection time. Take time off and try having some solitude. Amazing things happen when you are not distracted by TV, Netflix, smart phone, etc. Take a blank piece of paper along so you can jot down the thoughts you are having.
  • The faintest ink is still better than the best memory: Journaling daily about your thoughts, dreams, fears, etc is extremely powerful. That power comes into play when you reflect upon your notes periodically. Patterns start to emerge. Our minds often get stuck in an unhealthy routine of getting stuck in the same thought pattern. Journaling literally lets you see when and where that happens.
  • Hate them or love them – set life goals: Well over 80% of our population does not have a life goal list. I am talking about an actual list in writing. Less than 5% have a written plan how and by when to get there. Do not be one without such a list. Break down your goals to 6 year, 3 year, 18 month, 9 month, and monthly goals. Again, patterns emerge of things that work and ones that do not.

Small signs of success loom around the corner every day. When the future you are meant to enjoy wants to whisper in your ear, be ready to listen. Have the courage to take a slow and quiet approach to this and do not be looking for huge and loud signs out there.


Success – there is more to that than just possessions

Success – there is more to that than just possessions Smaller FB

Success. There are so many false definitions and ideals bombarding us every day from early childhood on. Very often it is being portrayed as something that has to do only with status, number and type of friends, vacations, appearance, money, happiness, education, family size, heritage, size of home, expensive hobbies, type and number of cars, etc. The more, the better. Right? Well, perhaps.

Good news is that each one of us can and should define success on an individual basis. Tough part of this is deciding what success means to you. Here are 9 ways of looking at it and I invite you to ponder this list in peace and quiet. Yes, this means that you will need to spend some time to do this, but it allows for you getting closer to living on purpose – your specific purpose.

Ponder the following 9 questions. Reflect upon which one(s) light you up the most. How is your current life aligned with your answer? You are getting closer to defining your purpose.

  • The Mind: When you are done here on Earth do you want for more truth, knowledge and wisdom to exist because you were here? Your purpose is aligned with the realm of the mind.
  • The Body: When you are done here on Earth do you want there to be more fitness, wholeness, a better way to feed and clothe the hungry and poor? Do you want to build the strength and vitality of the body? Your purpose is aligned with the realm of the body.
  • The Senses: When you are done here on Earth do you want there to be more beauty? Do you want to create something for all the senses to enjoy a sense of beauty and sustainability? Your purpose is aligned with the realm of the senses.
  • The Will and Conscience: When you are done here on Earth do you want here to be more justice, morality, honesty, righteousness? Your purpose is aligned with the realm of the will and your conscience.
  • The Spirit: When you are done here on Earth do you want for there to be more spirituality, compassion, empathy, wholeness of family, forgiveness, and faith in the world? How about a better and deeper connection with God? Your purpose is aligned with the realm of the spirit.
  • Entertainment: When you are done here on Earth do you want for there to be more laughter, joy, perspective, lightening of people’s hearts and spirit? Your purpose is aligned with the realm of entertainment.
  • Possessions: When you are done here on Earth do you want for there to be a better way of sustaining ourselves here, a better handling of our possessions, a clearer picture of what is enough versus more is better? Your purpose is aligned with the realm of possessions.
  • The Earth: When you are done here on Earth do you want for there to be a more sustainable way to live on our planet, more exploration (not exploitation) of our Earth and Universe? Do you want to find a better way to deal with finding future sources of energy, clean water, clean air, land for everyone to enjoy? Your purpose is aligned with the realm of the Earth.

Which topic excites you the most? How does your heart, mind, and instinct respond to each realm? What challenge within that topic would you want to tackle? Which invokes the most passionate response within you? Which one are you drawn to the most?

I leave you with my favorite poem trying to define success:

What is success?

To laugh often and much;

To win the respect of intelligent people

and the affection of children;

To earn the appreciation of honest critics

and endure the betrayal of false friends;

To appreciate beauty;

To find the best in others;

To leave the world a bit better, whether by

a healthy child, a garden patch

or a redeemed social condition;

To know even one life has breathed

easier because you have lived;

This is to have succeeded.

Bessie Anderson Stanley (traditionally attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Remember that the simple things in life are typically the best, and they are the toughest to discern as they typically reside right before our eyes and we can often not see them. Happy pondering!

If you want to explore this further there is a terrific resource for that in the book “What color is your parachute?” by Richard N Bolles.


Boosting your career and morale is easier than you think

Boosting your career and morale is easier than you think Ralf a

You may take many of the things you are blessed with such as your knowledge, skill sets, competencies, etc for granted as you do not even know about all sorts of people who would just love hanging out with you to catch a glimpse of what you know. Better yet, applying what you know in a smart way can really help boost your morale and with it most definitely also your career.

Check out a few ideas about how to do that. Here they are:

  • Sign up for special assignments at work: Nothing boosts careers more than signing up for extra assignments where you can show off your talents and help improve your company and also make the customer better off.
  • Start a blog: Yes, I think everyone should have a blog in which talents and knowledge that can make other people better off are showcased. It is really easy. Do not take my word for it, take a look at Michael Hyatt’s online advice (click here for his advice how to bring a WordPress blog online in fewer than 20 minutes).
  • Start a Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook, but definitely a Buffer account. You do not like using so much social media? Once you homed in on the most basic platforms and have some content you want to share use Buffer to post it automatically for you (actually HootSuite can do very similar things for you).
  • Hold a presentation about your stuff. This “stuff” is what you are passionate about – it’s about your purpose. Local business development councils and other organizations are constantly looking for great speakers and content. Why can this not be you?
  • Start a meetup group and deliver your content as well as help develop others as well. It is a lot less difficult than you think setting this up (click to start a meetup session here).

Fulfilling your purpose, feeling good about yourself, and making other people better off is a lot easier that you may think. It all starts with thinking about what this should look like and most of all starts with the day you commit to going through with it. The moment you start shipping (figuratively speaking) your stuff you will feel a rush from doing what you are meant to do.


“Think outside the box” and yet we go to work and school in one

“Think outside the box” and yet we go to work and school in one 

The term “thinking outside the box” stands for doing and thinking in unconventional ways. Step out of bounds and away from the beaten path. Away from routine and what is expected of you. Words like normally, usually, typically, or similar ones like it should not be used – “try something new and radical”.

And yet our routine looks so much different. Our schools and workplaces are placed in rectangular shoe boxes, with little to no natural lighting and even less high quality air. Slapped together to maximize the builder’s and architect’s profitability. Enabled by having harnessed energy to a point where we believe we control nature by being able to climate control our working and schooling habitats.

Rule of thumb here is a simple one: Nice 90 degree corners are good and so is routine and standardization. Where does that leave creativity and quality of life though? Over 70% of working folks would love nothing more than a new job or career because their working conditions and overall career management are below par.

At school this is even worse. Some school settings are outright industrial in where they are located and how the buildings are constructed. They seem to be designed to merely serve the purpose of providing future workers for companies that will then provide a very similar working environment as the newbies were used to from school: the box type building.

What is the antidote? Well, even though it may sound clichéd, but it sounds like our business and school leaderships need to be the first ones who need to think outside the box. Creating a lively and inspiring work and school environment does not take much as long as everyone involved starts from establishing a suitable vision and mission around this goal. Then the tough work starts. Thinking concepts like this through will take time. With great preparation the final product will take a lot less hard work.

One such building (watch the background story here and here is the green building explained) is the one at Aerzen USA. The intense grass roots efforts of a few folks turned into a movement that keeps catching on.

Now think about our children and how they deserve a similar inspiring environment. If we want them to be able to think and act outside the box, let’s help getting them out of the truly boxy type schools of today. Here are two examples (Avon Grove and Kimberton) how some schools have already begun making changes for the better.

Ultimately the choice is always yours and this is neither my time nor place convincing you of anything. But think about if you and your contributions are only a mere SAT score, or some other number. If so, a shoebox building will do. If not, then please help for us all to start acting outside the box – and yes this pun is intended.


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