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Crisis brings out purpose

Crisis brings out purpose Ralf a

Nothing flushes out what your real priorities and values are until you are in crisis mode – and that is the ironic thing about it: crisis helps bring about change and your purpose.

The most important thing you can do for yourself when you are under duress is to open your mind, heart, and will for your purpose to develop in front of your eyes. Instead of dreading stressful challenges coming your way, embrace them instead. Journal about what happened and how you dealt with it. If need be, the best practice is to momentarily retreat from the turbulent action. Regroup and allow planning time. The fewer thoughts you have the better, because they are of a better quality.

Ponder this list of questions and really listen to your inner voice replying to them.

  • What elements really spoke to me?
  • What gave me energy?
  • What drained me of energy?
  • What were the things I learned from the experience?
  • Was there a moment when I stopped the process and changed course? Why? What worked here? What didn’t?
  • Who were my allies?

True moments of clarity do not come along easily. They either take tremendous planning and self-directed effort, or they occur during crisis. One way or the other, make good use of the opportunities that come your way. Never accept average when you could reach your full potential – we are blessed with so much of it, so don’t waste it.


Interruption marketing is dead – long live interruption marketing

Interruption marketing is dead – long live interruption marketing Spider on a web

Photo credit: http://www.classroomclipart.com

“Mindblowing”, “I thought he was just a regular street performer – I never expected this”, “…and what happened next moved me to tears”, and so many other tag lines are inundating us on social media with incredible frequency now. Why? Well, the previous click bait of pop up marketing finally wore off and now these folks need another way to bait and hook us watching more or less pointless photos, videos, etc just to then bombard us with more interruption marketing stuff. Yikes!

If you are anywhere remotely like me then these marketers will lose in the long run – I have completely stopped clicking on stuff like this. I just do not have time for this and I think a lot less of a product or service who does this to any potential customer. What ever happened to genuinely interesting content and inspiring taglines? Has this become a lost art?

Thankfully there is help out there. If you are in marketing and sales then I suggest you follow Seth Godin and Jeffrey Gitomer for starters. They are the exact opposite of the interruption marketing junk that I described above. Bottom line is that it takes hard effort, dedication, wit, and the willingness to go above and beyond to invite customers to buy rather than using any cheap trick hawking off your stuff. Sound familiar? It should when you are after significance and not only short sighted success.


“He talks too much” – Oops, I did it again

“He talks too much” – Oops, I did it again 


Photo credit: Ralf Weiser

In recent conversations at home and at work this sentence has popped up way too many times to go unnoticed. Let it be meetings, interviews, or just social conversations and folks provide the commentary that the one or the other person just talks too much. Being verbose myself this struck me like a bolt of lightning. Is there such a thing as talking too much?

Of course there is you might say, but when do we cross the line? There are a few interesting observations that I am hoping may jog your brain as well:

  • The magic 2 minute rule: When someone asks you a question make sure you pay more attention how much time you are taking in answering. Typically (no exact science here), between 45 seconds and 2 minutes are a great time frame for you to respond.
  • Staying on topic: How do you like when you ask someone a question and the answer has nothing to do with it? No fun, right? Staying on topic is really super important, or otherwise you will be tuned out completely.
  • Take a breathing break: Once someone interacts with you and asks you a question, please take a breath before you respond. For one this is a lot healthier and will allow your brain to slow down and therefore not letting your lizard brain (fight, flight, flee) to go over the edge with you. The more important reason is allowing for your counterpart to literally feel that you are taking them seriously. Best is asking qualifying question so your counterpart gets to know you really want to understand core of the issue.
  • Talking is Silver, asking questions is Gold: You need to converse with other people. Doing this well typically means you will do well in social and work settings. The best thing to do though in positively engaging others so the both of you benefit from it is asking questions. If you know your stuff is great, but what if other people whom you may not know well know more, or even more interesting stuff than you? The only way finding out is asking intelligent questions.
  • Look for obvious clues: There are very obvious clues when people start tuning you out and perhaps are looking for a way ending a conversation that is taking too long. I have heard of some people who actually text others asking them to get called by them such that their conversation with someone talking too much can come to an end. Seriously, when people start looking at their watch, phone, feet, sky, and stop looking you in the eye you should realize that the conversation you are in needs a change – or end. Also, the person will stop facing you and stand at an angle. Take the hint and let the other person speak for a change.
  • When asked for the time, don’t tell them how to build the clock: Discerning what kind of question you have been asked is another really rare skill very few of us possess. When someone only needs a quick answer, just don’t hog his time by going back to Creation of the Universe. Easier said than done, but you should try doing this no matter what.
  • Sending clues yourself: One of the most efficient ways to stop people from hogging your time because they want to chat with you is wearing headphones – the ones with the visible big mic that you can place in front of your mouth. The bigger the set, the better. This sends out the signal that you are busy and do not want to be disturbed.

When someone I knew well and really liked a lot made a point of picking a different route just to avoid having to speak with me I had to take inventory of my own behavior. I had to admit that I needed to make a change as well. In fact, blogging has made a huge change for me. Instead of hogging up people’s time, I can type up what I am thinking about and share it with everyone online. The beauty is that people can now tune either in or out at their leisure. This has made for a lot shorter conversations these days and I do not engage in longer conversations much unless the other person is specifically asking for more background information.

We have 5 senses helping to receive information and we use 1 feature the most to distribute info: Our mouths! How ironic is that? Perhaps this is a clue trying to tell us something?


One easy way to schedule and send social media posts

One easy way to schedule and send social media posts Ralf a

Are you afraid of spending too much time on the computer, but you would still like posting cool material on your social media platforms? It is a common misconception that you have to spend copious amounts of time in order to keep up with your posting activities. As a result you are frustrated as very little to no progress is made.

My favorite platform for finding and scheduling posts has been Buffer. It is an awesome platform that helps suggest material, but most importantly, once installed on your computer and / or smart phone (Apple and Droid Apps exist) it posts your stuff to a variety of social media platforms of your choice.

What is really neat are two main features: Whatever you can browse through on the Internet and photos that you would like to share, you can do so by clicking on your sharing function of the App (or your web browser). It then fills the posting funnel, sort of speak, and the App posts to the connected social media platforms of your choice at a schedule that you set up. Done. It is this simple. Check it out or another one that I also use occasionally; it’s called HootSuite. Have fun experimenting with it.


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