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10 quick ways to kick up your success in reaching out to others on social media

10 quick ways to kick up your success in reaching out to others on social media

At this stage of the social media and Internet game, you cannot give stuff away anymore for people to open your stuff even if it is of significant value or in the best interest for folks to take you up on your offer.

What stands in your way to make an impact on people such that they will eventually look at your mail and / or web site?

  1. Personalize your message. One sure fire way for your message to be regarded as fluff and consequently you may end up in the junk mail folder in the future is to send a mass e-mail. Just did that recently myself – ouch! Use the Mail Merge function of e.g. Word and then pick the e-mail format. You can certainly try mailchimp.com as well, but make sure that there is a way to get in touch with you directly.
  2. Make it really short and relevant. This one really goes a mile. Get to the point quickly and provide an interesting headline, deliver what you want to say and have a call to action handy. Then stop and do not add any more stuff. Watch your view and reply rate climb.
  3. Your message must be congruent with what you and your brand stand for. Do you know what you and the brand YOU stand for? Ask yourself the question if the message that you are sending matches how you are being perceived.
  4. Web links have to work and point to the correct place. The more accurate your links are, the greater the chance people will actually check them out. Also, this extra effort pays off in the long run, as it increases trust. Would you trust opening someone’s links if the last time they ended up in never-never-land?
  5. Spell and syntax check. Too simple and irrelevant you say to yourself? You could not be more wrong. I have had people comment on my mistakes in blogs and guess what, it doesn’t breed trust does it? Your credibility is going down the tubes and it is tough regaining ground. Make sure to spell check and proof read your stuff at least twice before you click on send.
  6. Free has to mean FREE. No left hooks please. Keep what you promise. Nothing is worse for folks to figure out that what they signed up for is really only for free for a little while. There are many caveats to this one and a whole gaggle of marketers mess this one up really badly. Once you burn a prospect with this one, you will unlikely ever end up with an order.
  7. Quality almost always trumps quantity. Drive up your content and make it count. Send this out fewer times rather than carpet bomb your followership with mails. Some follow up never hurts, but do not start stalking people. Are you in it for significance or just success?
  8. Readers choose with their mouse clicks. That is a very sobering realization, isn’t it? The people whose opinion who should be listening to will never drop you a mail, or take the time to find out what your phone number is. That is the kind of feedback you need though. The power of the Internet and the social media that comes with it, is extremely powerful (there are better and best practices). Any click you miss will lead almost always to a chronic lack of information.
  9. Timely response to follow up questions is a must. Common sense isn’t common practice and thus this one unfortunately also does not automatically go without stating the obvious: When you put yourself out there, than make sure all answers and requests are in cue for answering them in a timely fashion. Otherwise, it would be better to not even ask for any feedback or commentary in the first place.

One final thought to share is that sometimes it may be better to increase the price rather than watering your rock star content down. Please have at it, if you want to venture into philanthropy though. To most folks free means there is a lingering commitment hook around when they open up your stuff. If it is great content and your brand name is established, and you think you need to do more free marketing leave the pricing alone. It may seem counter intuitive, but I think it is more powerful when you go for significance and congruence.


Strange, we are to “Think outside the box” and yet we go to work and school in one

Strange, we are to “Think outside the box” and yet we go to work and school in one Smaller FB

The term “thinking outside the box” stands for doing and thinking in unconventional ways. Step out of bounds and away from the beaten path. Away from routine and what is expected of you. Words like normally, usually, typically, or similar ones like it should not be used – “try something new and radical”.

And yet our routine looks so much different. Our schools and workplaces are placed in rectangular shoe boxes, with little to no natural lighting and even less high quality air. Slapped together to maximize the builder’s and architect’s profitability. Enabled by having harnessed energy to a point where we believe we control nature by being able to climate control our working and schooling habitats.

Rule of thumb here is a simple one: Nice 90 degree corners are good and so is routine and standardization. Where does that leave creativity and quality of life though? Over 70% of working folks would love nothing more than a new job or career because their working conditions and overall career management are below par.

At school this is even worse. Some school settings are outright industrial in where they are located and how the buildings are constructed. They seem to be designed to merely serve the purpose of providing future workers for companies that will then provide a very similar working environment as the newbies were used to from school: the box type building.

What is the antidote? Well, even though it may sound clichéd, but it sounds like our business and school leaderships need to be the first ones who need to think outside the box. Creating a lively and inspiring work and school environment does not take much as long as everyone involved starts from establishing a suitable vision and mission around this goal. Then the tough work starts. Thinking concepts like this through will take time. With great preparation the final product will take a lot less hard work.

One such building (watch the background story here is the one at Aerzen USA. The intense grass roots efforts of a few folks turned into a movement that keeps catching on.

Now think about our children and how they deserve a similar inspiring environment. If we want them to be able to think and act outside the box, let’s help getting them out of the truly boxy type schools of today. Here are two examples (Avon Grove and Kimberton) how some schools have already begun making changes for the better.

Ultimately the choice is always yours and this is neither my time nor place convincing you of anything. But think about if you and your contributions are only a mere SAT score, or some other number. If so, a shoebox building will do. If not, then please help for us all to start acting outside the box – and yes this pun is intended.


5 ways to recover from white collar crime at your organization

5 ways to recover from white collar crime at your organization Ralf a

Well over a decade ago we became victim of a white collar crime. Our then CFO was ultimately convicted of stealing money from our organization. If that was not bad enough, the individual had been a really good friend of mine. Well, at least I had thought so at the time.

The news of the apprehension and later the trial were actually really traumatizing. How could this have happened without me, or anyone else for that matter, noticing a thing? What a break in personal trust this had been! I was devastated. For a while it was really tough to trust anyone. Why would anyone do such a nasty thing in the first place? I had so many questions. Along the way regaining composure a few tips emerged that may be able helping you get over the distrust that ensues after such an event:

  • Try finding out what really happened. Dig deep. Dig really deep. Find out what exactly happened and especially how and under which circumstances your incident could have happened. Make sure to journal about this such that you can always refer back to your findings.
  • Park your bitterness. Tough to do and easy to talk about it when it does not affect you. When someone close to you does you wrong things can get personal really quick. As that happens emotions can spiral out of control easily. Make an active point of forgiving that person and make sure that you do not let you get bitter. Pick a better time to be angry, but keep it short, really short. Get on with your life.
  • Put in safeguards that will protect you in the future. Now that you know what and how it happened, put safeties in place such that something like it cannot happen again.
  • Start reaching out again. Go ahead, mingle with people. Perhaps there are other folks who were hurt just as badly as you did. Connect with them, but do not forget about any other close folks to you. Shared sorrow is half the sorrow.
  • Give it some time. Time does indeed heal almost any wounds you sustain. After a while you will start trusting people again. Trust is good. Trust is so important that you must make the effort to get back into a healthy zone of delegating, collaboration, etc.

There is probably no sure fire way protecting you from significant stress and heart ache when people whom you trust betray you. You cannot afford to avoid people in the long run. Limit your exposure and risk, but make sure that you go out amongst people and learn to trust again as quickly as possible.


PS: Please let me know if you need a list with protection mechanisms that should be in place when hiring and managing your key C suite people, but especially your CFO.

2014 in review for anyone who wonders about blogging

Hi folks;

People keep asking me why in the worlds I started and keep blogging. Well, I can tell you that I am not doing it for this report’s sake. Any such report is exactly that – a report. No more and no less. It can never be a goal in itself having so and so many visitors and “likes”. That is better left to providing value to the readers.

I have attached the yearly report for you just to let you snoop around in it. I do not know about you, but I am truly fascinated how and where people get to read our social media work. Thank you for being interested enough to read my written brain droppings.




The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 7,700 times in 2014. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 6 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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