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10 ways of how can you become a person other people look up to

10 ways of how can you become a person other people look up to 

How many people do you hold dear because you look up to them? I call them illuminators. They do selfless things and see to have it together. People are drawn to them; they are very inspiring.

Now look at how many people you know that just seem to vegetate – they just exist and try making it through another day. Often, they are demotivated, anxious and outright unfocused. They can drain your energy right out of you.

Have you ever noticed how many more of the negative people there are compared to the inspiring ones? I hold the belief that there is a sacred ratio of illuminators versus negative people. Fortunately, it takes a lot fewer really positive people to inspire the rest of us.

Guess what, you may be a lot closer to being a illuminator than you thought. Just look at the list below that gives you a few criteria of really positive people:

  • You have a positive attitude towards life.
  • You say what you do, and you do what you say.
  • You protect other people that cannot fend for themselves.
  • You know how to serve other people.
  • You do things for others without expecting anything in return.
  • You have focus because you know your purpose and limitations.
  • You smile – even if the situation you are in may not be anything to smile about.
  • You are honest.
  • You are sincere.
  • You are in the moment with the people that you are surrounded with.
  • You ______ (Please share items that would extend this list in the comment field below.

There are so many illuminators around us that help us keep our mental balance. They inspire us to do the right thing. They let us never lose hope. We cannot ever give up on ourselves and others.

Please do your best and give your own snow globe a little stir and ponder how little it takes to become an illuminator yourself. Join the tribe! I would love nothing more than for you to share my post with your friends and letting them sign up. Just follow the link at the right side of the blog site.



One more story that should cause you to stop smoking – Ironic confessions of a smoker

One more story that should cause you to stop smoking – Ironic confessions of a smoker 

“Boy, do not ever start smoking – look at what happened to me”, the woman sitting in a wheel chair said to my son during a visit to her home. Her one leg had been amputated a couple of weeks earlier due to the effects of long term heavy smoking. What’s ironic about this? I’ll get to that.

The reason for our visit to the woman’s home was that she had advertised an item that she wanted to sell and we wanted to take a look at it and perhaps buy it. The moment the screened door to the house opened we could make out the smell of cold smoke. It did not prepare us what awaited us inside: the three adults in the small home were all chain smokers and we could have cut the air into thick slices – that’s how much smoke was in the air.

Buying the item we had showed up for took a back seat. It was not really what we wanted and the heavy smoke had totally covered the item. We could only guess as to the original color of the item had been when it was new. The woman had fallen on hard times and I decided to buy the item even if we could no longer salvage it. I was not going to argue about the amount of money either.

One of the heavy smokers – you guessed it – was the woman. We spoke with her about her ordeal of losing her leg and my son was deeply moved by the whole experience. She was to lose the other leg soon. The wound of the first amputation had to heal prior to moving on to the other leg. The heavy smoking had taken an expensive toll on her health; her blood circulation had all but stopped to the lower extremities.

That was when she gave my son the advice to never pick up smoking in the first place. Doctors had apparently foretold her fate and shared it with her at least ten years prior to these sad events. She ultimately ignored all these warnings and now is paying a terrible price. But why on Earth was she not stopping now while she could? Why was no one else in the house stopping with the smokes? What happened to her sense of self-preservation? Was she and any other person who smokes aware of the ultimate irony telling my young man to never smoke, but they themselves smoked like 19th Century factory smoke stacks? Did they really have no choice?

I guess that I am fortunate that I have not ever picked up the habit of smoking. If you read this post and you are a smoker I can only beg you to quit that as soon as you can. Besides of the unbelievable cost that rack up over time, you are needlessly risking your life and limbs. Quit smoking while you can. Your family and friends are counting on you to be around for a long time.

Here is a link to a very recent video that shows kids asking adult smokers for a light, watch what happens here (click here for the video link).


What a little puddle of water can do for you

What a little puddle of water can do for you 

Photo credit: Joe Lynch, taken in Philly

The photo of today’s post is of a little puddle that the photographer noticed while walking in the streets of Philly one day. I think of it offering a great analogy. I look at a dirty little puddle because I am down in the pits. Yet, the reflection lets me see the beautiful sky right above me. When we are at our worst and our mood is down we should still make enough time to realize what a beautiful sky is wide open above our heads. The great image of the blue sky stands for inspiration, hope, possibilities, and opportunities. We need to allow this positive energy into our thoughts – even in the darkest of times. Much like the photographer though, we need to have the presence of mind to notice this little bit of inspiration in the muck.

On days when nothing works right we often can only look down and feel really bad about ourselves. We can only see the short term impact of our doing. We are in total reactionary mode; things are in motion but we make little progress. What we should be doing is to look up and see the possibilities that are out there waiting for us. Beauty and positive things are just waiting for us to discover them. Open your senses and be on the lookout for them.


Do you want more joy in your life? Embrace failure

Do you want more joy in your life? Embrace failure 

You may say: “Huh? How does this even make sense?” Yet, there is a very sacred connection and it goes like this:

Joy follows success

Success follows experience

Experience follows failure

Failure follows taking risk

So what lesson is there to learn? Do not fear failure, because without failure there is no joy.


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