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12 regrets of successful entrepreneurs

12 regrets of successful entrepreneurs Ralf a

If you are an entrepreneur, or aspire becoming one, you are most likely busy putting together business plans, trying to figure out how to make your balance sheet work out, making sure you can make payroll even though cash flow is an issue and so many more daily challenges that can put a major kink into your business. Even when things could not be better you are way too busy because you have more orders than you can possibly handle, you are most likely still only thinking about the short term issues. The struggle is real and there is little time thinking too far ahead.

Please find below a list of regrets that well-seasoned entrepreneurs and business leaders have put together. Read through this list carefully and listen to the messages well. This advice cost some folks dearly and it would be a shame if you would traipse into the some potholes.

  • Make enough time working on your business and not only in your business. Whether it’s fun or extremely stressful you can easily get distracted with your day to day stuff. Always allow for time to ponder and then actively engaging working on your business.
  • There is the lower case p and the upper case W. The lower case p is about your products and services. The upper case W – and thus much more important thing – is all about your magic sauce that makes your whole business tick called your Why. Know your Why and your How and What will follow.
  • Cash is till king. Make sure that you know how to measure success and keeping track of it. Managing cash is a big priority. Customers and vendors can have an interesting habit of spending your cash. Do not let this happen to you.
  • When you pay bonuses pay the taxes. If you can at all swing it financially and from a corporate structure point of view do this whenever you reward your folks. It is a great motivator and morale booster.
  • Ask more questions. Three letters come to mind: Listen, listen, and then listen some more. The answers to all of your important business issues typically reside in the heads of your people. Step one is to ask them and two is to do something about what you may find out. Watch morale go through the roof if you manage to listen to your folks.
  • Think big enough fast enough. Manage your risks wisely, but never lose on an opportunity to start delivering your ideas. Do not lose momentum.
  • Delegate early and often. Ponder often whether or not there are things that you had better figure out how what you are about to hand off will provide a tempting challenge and make his or her day.
  • Fail quickly if you can. Make decisions quicker. That solely depends on the sacred algorithm that is “fast” – whatever that means to you make this your own recipe for success.
  • You cannot go broke on a deal that you don’t do. Should be self-explanatory, but without risking anything you are unlikely ever ready to be successful. Do not be foolhardy, but once you need to make a decision, make it and totally own it.
  • Provide more value than you charge for. Want to create a memorable brand that is seamless and fun to be working for and to do business with? Start by shock and awe your customers and your team members.
  • The customer is the judge, jury, and the executioner when he is present in the room, but always stand up tall for your team members. Never forget that your team and its members are what make your company so unique and great – wait for the customer to leave the stage (except when they get personal).

The most amazing and ironic things about business leader’s regrets are all about has to do with people. Helping your own people or customers and practicing good stewardship of your resources will make all the difference in the world. One thing that you need to find now is the away time away from all of today’s challenges. What one regret above speaks to you the most and what will you differently from then on?


7 ways of overcoming your fear of public speaking

7 ways of overcoming your fear of public speaking pablo-2

Photo credit: Pablo by Buffer

If you are anything like me at all, you are probably afraid of public speaking to some degree. Problem is that public speaking is one of the most important tools in making progress career wise. So what can you do to overcome the fear of public speaking?

  • Ironically enough the most effective way overcoming your fear is to holding more presentations.
  • Start out speaking in front of smaller groups.
  • Knowing the audience helps feeling and getting support when you need it the most.
  • Know your stuff. Another great outcome is that knowing your stuff necessitates that you really dig deep into a subject matter. Own it and you feel more secure and a presentation becomes a breeze.
  • Give a test presentation in front of people whom you really trust. Exercise builds your confidence.
  • Just before giving your talk walk around a little. Stand up and stay up. A little positive tension is ok (actually it is necessary). Take a few deep breaths.
  • Look around the audience and seek out a few friendly faces that you can cycle back and forth from while looking at the rest of the audience. Even better yet, try mingling with your crowd before speaking.

You are not alone in your fear of public speaking. While some folks appear to be blessed with a knack for naturally speaking well, you can do this too. All it takes is making a plan using a few of the above prepping strategies and you can excel at this as well.


Discover one sentence you should never mutter – ever

Discover one sentence you should never mutter – ever IMAG0482

One sentence that you will surely never hear from people on their deathbed is “ I wished I could have spent more time at the office when I had a chance to do so.” You hopefully will never think or say such a thing either. When we regret things it is typically more about something quite opposite: Spending more time with people whom we love and value the most. It is the quality time that we often wished we could be with our most loved folks. This wishful thinking brings along plenty of stress. How often do you think that you have done an inferior job being a great mom or dad, aunt or uncle, etc?

This thought is also providing much of the answer: Stop the wishful thinking as soon as possible. Give your brain some time to really think about the choices that you are making every day. We are designed to live a balanced life. Then life – especially our business one – gets in our way and we no longer have time. What you are really doing to yourself is that you are telling yourself that you do not have time. But that is because you are not making an active choice to make time for the things that are important to you.

So here goes the challenge: Next time that you get a chance spending more time with your loved ones, ponder what you would miss if you did not go. Now make an active choice to re-arrange your work and social schedule and make it happen. Not only does this feel great, but you will be able to live a more balanced life – without regret.


More good reasons to always be genuinely you

More good reasons to always be genuinely you IMAG0066

Even though physically our world has not shrunk, it has done so tremendously in terms of social media and our all-time high of mobility. Some folks still think they can do whatever they want and get away with it, but in fact, they run the chance that people know and recognize them. What I am talking about here are the people that cut you off in traffic or will not hold the door open for you. They are outright nasty. Can you afford to let it hang all out though?

You guessed it; I am of the belief that there is no time to check your conscience and good manners at the gate. Instead, treat people with respect and do so full time. You never know who will look at you.

Recently I needed to attend a funeral of a very good friend and a good colleague stopped by at work telling me that he had to attend a funeral. Oddly enough I asked where and it turned out that he needed to attend the same one: He will be in the wedding of my friend’s son. We went to the funeral together. As interesting as that was, another close colleague is working with this first colleague. That one is best friends with the son of another friend of mine who also knew the great friend who had passed who also attended the funeral because I went to evening college with her. We were all astounded at how we were all connected to each other.

Do not even try to figure this out. It does not matter who is who here, but I am sure you got the gist of the situation though.The world is so small where so many people know you and your friends and family.  Behaving like an idiot never paid off, but now that cameras wait for us everywhere it should make you think at least twice about potentially lighting up FB, Instagram, SnapChat channels with viral footage.


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