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The power of a small gesture can take your breath away

The power of a small gesture can take your breath away cup

In the above picture I am holding a convenience store coffee cup that I am sure just about all of you are familiar with. It cannot cost possible more than one Cent or two but to me it is a priceless item that makes me smile every morning that I have time getting myself another one. Sometimes you do not realize how a small gesture of yours can mean so much to the one receiving it, that you may end up getting much more back than you ever invested.

My mom used to visit us from Germany over the summer or the fall and she used to get a royal kick out of getting a coffee in such a paper cup. She giggled like a school girl when she noticed the travel lids that would allow you to travel without spilling the beverage and yet also allowed you to drink it without dribbling all over yourself. I had forgotten about this little cup up until in early 2005 just about a couple of months prior to her way to early death due to esophageal cancer. By that time she had been on chemo and radiation treatments and I had been slated to travel to Germany to visit her in the hospital again. She asked me if I could bring a coffee cup over so. She did not say for what reason, but I gladly complied.

My sister and her children and I went to visit mom at the hospital right away. Once we got our initial “hellos” out of the way, we went to the cafeteria and that is where I handed her the little Wawa coffee cup. Mom was so overwhelmed with joy that she nearly hugged the stuffing out of me. I had a hard time keeping myself together, but from that moment I could never look at these cups the same way again: This thing meant the world to her as it reminded her of all the great times we had had in the States and for a brief moment in time her life was wonderful and whole again. In the end mom may have lost her battle with cancer back in June of 2005, but thanks to a little cup she is right there with me. Thus the adage of how loved ones never truly leave holds true.

I would like to inspire you to extend small gestures to others wherever and whenever you can. Make sure that you do not desire to get anything back in return and then just watch what happens. You never know when you are making someone’s day much brighter than way. I can make more than your day as well.


Do you like a challenge: Can you name 15 people you admire?

Do you like a challenge: Can you name 15 people you admire? Ralf a

In this time where the news are packed with more depressing than uplifting content I invite you for something more inspiring. Name 15 People you admire. They may be living people or figures from history. Think of why you look up to them. If they are living try touching base with them and make sure to let them know how much they mean to you.

Here’s my list:

  • Martin Luther – German cleric, leader of the Reformation
  • Mahatma Gandhi – Indian social activist instrumental in India’s becoming independent from Britain; “Be the change you want to see in the world.”
  • George Washington – American revolutionary war Commander in Chief and first President of the United States of America
  • Abraham Lincoln – Civil War era President of the United States of America
  • Helmut Kohl – Former German Chancellor, he held the key to Germany’s reunification and unified Europe
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. – American cleric, civil rights leader, social activist.
  • Peter Strople – The most connected man in America with a heart of Gold.
  • John O’Leary – The most inspiring man in America
  • Herbert Grönemeyer, German song writer and actor “Das Boot”
  • Muhammad Ali – American Boxer, sometimes down but never out
  • Brendon Burchard – From a second chance in life to a training expert he is helping so many people start a coaching and teaching career
  • Katrin S – My sister. Much like Muhammad Ali she is about as tough as they come when facing challenges life keeps throwing at her
  • My Granddad and Grandma – I know no one who was fairer and more giving than these two folks
  • My mom – No matter how much misery she endured she always mustered a smile and kept helping others
  • My kids – They advocate for themselves and do so much to help serve other people

This is more difficult than you would think at first. Once I got started I could think of more and more people whom I all genuinely admire.

Happy pondering!


6 tell tale signs when to leave your toxic work place

6 tell tale signs when to leave your toxic work place Smaller FB

I recently spoke with a good friend who had been working for a very hostile work environment. She ended up leaving and regretting not having done so sooner. There had been signs of trouble early from the early stages of employment. Here are a few toxic workplace indicators that you should look out for:

  • Presence of fear. People are afraid to say what they think.
  • Absence of candor. People will not honestly share what they think of their jobs, other people and their ideas.
  • Presence of putting people down. People put each other down.
  • Absence of collaboration. People make a significant effort to work against each other. Jockeying for positions and favoritism run rampant.
  • Presence of cynicism and sarcasm. It is difficult for you to figure out what people mean. You feel the energy drain from you in meetings and other interactions with other employees.
  • Absence of laughter. Morale, what morale? There is no laughter and there is always a bad vibe in the air.

What’s your job here? Scan for the presence of absence of the above criteria at your workplace. Does this place give you as much energy as it takes away from you? Make sure you spend your time surrounded by positive people. If you are not happy, why are you still working there?


How to protect yourself from harm when you show your heart

How to protect yourself from harm when you show your heartpablo-3

“Your son is just gonna get hurt. He’s got a heart and people will use that against him”. That is what a good friend of mine just told me the other day. He was referring to how much compassion and empathy my children show for others. He is not wrong. Showing your heart and trying to help others makes you a primary target for bullying. Been there, done that, and I have the T-shirt to show for it.

What is the alternative though? Is he, or I to pretend to be someone who we are not? Should we be more cynical just to protect ourselves from harm? Does this sound like what you may be going through? Good news is that there is a way of getting around this dilemma: We only get hurt when we associate ourselves with people who are negative and cynical. In short, the best way to be left alone by these negative people is not getting close to them in the first place. Hang out with people who give you energy and are in general also looking for making a positive difference in other people’s lives.

Trying to pretend to be someone whom you are not is extremely stressful and just leads to a future midlife crisis.


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