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5 unconventional ways getting a new job

5 unconventional ways getting a new job Smaller FB

Even if you are gainfully employed today, there are no guarantees in life. Trying to line up a new job is very stressful. What’s worse is that there are so few good resources around helping increase your chances to get in front of employers. Even fewer resources exist helping with the actual interview process. Please find below a quick list of items that will help increase your chances getting into the career you have dreamed about.

  • Dig your well before you are thirsty – build your network:
    • Keep touch with your network regularly
    • Hold free presentations. Local business associations are dying for speakers with valuable content.
    • Use LinkedIn Groups to get your content out. This is a great tool for getting new content and ideas. When you make contributions it will put your name out there too.
    • Start a blog (Here is info how to do that). It helps you get focused and puts your name and content out there.
    • Stay up to date and current with your industry and craft. Should be self-explanatory, but most people still don’t do it.
  • Know what you want
    • Generate a list with what you do not want. Important, but more important is the next bullet point below.
    • Generate a list what you need, want, and must get out of your career move.
  • Do your research. Much to my amazement, more than 80% of applicants do not do this at all, or only fly over the available info. Google make research so simple. Make good use of it. There is no excuse for you to not do it.
    • About your potential employer
    • About the interviewer
    • About their products and services
    • About their competition
    • About their brand perception
    • About their company culture
  • Adapt your resume
    • Make it brief. Ideally one page, but no more than two pages.
    • Make it relevant. Create a few versions that highlight your skills, experience and talents tying it to what the job offer is about.
    • Skip the objective – especially if it isn’t their objective
  • Crush the interview
    • Dress appropriately. Neat, clean, and your Grandma would approve of it.
    • Bring the job to life. Think about how you would start in the new position and what training you would need to get started quickly. Bringing the future into the present increases your chances getting the job and getting proficient at it quickly.
    • Leave your grudges behind. When you are honest with yourself you would not want to listen to how horrific your old job is or was. Allow for these toxic thoughts to leave you – if only for the time of the interview.
    • Call their sales department. Unconventional? Sure. Highly effective? Yes! No one knows the company better than sales people (if they don’t, what does that tell you?). They know products, company, competition, what they do best, and of course where they could use a little help. What if you find out the new position has something to do with improving the salesperson’s life, or the company’s competitive position?
    • Follow up with a sincerely meant mail or card. It is still an invaluable tool telling the interviewer you would really like to work at their place.

Do not forget that you are interviewing the interviewers (company) just as well as they are interviewing you. Scan for signs of toxic work environments. No sense getting into a new relationship that may be worse than the one you are in right now. Staying connected, doing your research, and bringing a new position to life may not guarantee you success. It does however significantly increase your chances that you will get the job.


How to avoid interview mistake number 1: Self-limiting beliefs


No doubt losing your job for whatever reason is traumatic and the time until you get new employment can be an overall hair raising experience.  The same is true for job interviews.  I was reminded of this in speaking with a good friend the other day who claimed that as an older worker you cannot expect to get employed ever again no matter how good you look and how qualified you are.  What a self-limiting belief!  This is like going to a high roller poker game and you come mentally equipped with $5 chips.  You have to come prepared to an interview by showing the interviewers that you genuinely want this job and how you would make the position work for them. 

Yes, I have never been in this position and have been gainfully employed ever since leaving high school.  One thing that I have been blessed with though, was being part of or leading literally 100’s of panel interviews.  Folks that appeared insecure and anxious faired so much worse than people who liked themselves and were able to concentrate on how to apply themselves to the proposed positions.  That is exactly where you can make the biggest difference:  Show that you did your research about the company, products, services and people.  There is a ton of knowledge that you can obtain through the Internet.  Call the receptionist and get to know who some sales people in your area may be.  Call them and ask them to describe the company, culture etc.  Then take a moment and envision yourself in the proposed position and how you would like to get training, how long that might take and ultimately how would picture carrying out this job.  In other words:  You are projecting the future into the present. 

With this kind of prep work you exponentially increase your chances of getting hired. 


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