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The one reason why basic math skills are so important

The one reason why basic math skills are so important math-clip-art

Clip art credit: Phillip Martin

First of, I have a big thank you to everyone who participated in helping generate a few more blog topics. I owe you a big thank you and especially a big thanks to loyal reader Steve Lakey. Thanks!

Now, let’s cover the basic math skills scenario: Complex math like algebra and calculus etc. is not as important as learning how to add your strengths, subtracting your flaws, dividing your time, and multiplying your skills, experience and talents.

Sure, this sounds simple enough. Oftentimes though, things get complicated because we make them more difficult as they could be. Think of the job that you think you cannot get because you do not have a paper that says that you are qualified, the person whom you would like to go out with but will not ask because you think you are not worthy enough. Insert your example here. There are so many examples of homemade trouble just because you THINK you cannot / should not do something. What may be holding you back? It’s all about self-awareness.

Just because your earned a title and a few skills (let’s hope you learned them as well as possible) at college does not guarantee success and a career. Just because someone you are interested is over the top gorgeous does not mean you should not try speaking with her/ him, but little confidence in yourself will hinder success. What will definitely help is basic self-awareness that will make a tremendous difference in your life.

The essence of my play with math terms above is knowing yourself as best as you can. It is important building up your skills, experience, and talents. The reason why I like to compare life to math is that what is being described here are principles. Principles – like math – work everywhere the same. As such you can create predictable miracles by following them AND you can make life a lot simpler that way.


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