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Who has been the most influential person in your life?

Who has been the most influential person in your life?   IMAG0885

Take a moment and ponder this question. Past or present, who has had the most influence in your life? Who are the people that come to your mind?

For me this one person is grandpa Herrmann pictured right next to the final result of the most severe accident I have been in thus far. Opa Herrmann did things in his life despite vast amounts of adversity he kept facing. Thinking of him keeps me inspired on so many levels.

He was born in 1909 and his family went through the first rough times during and after WWI. Then the depression era occurred and once again they were barely making ends meet. The Nazis took power and he took the unpopular route belonging to the liberal SPD party and thus never joining the NSDAP party. That was a very gutsy and highly unpopular position to take. Just before WWII he married the love of his life and two children were born during the war. He was part of a forward moving maintenance unit for a fighting group right behind Russian enemy lines.

His wife died from child birth complications not too long after my mom was born. The family could not care for both and they are divided and live with different relatives. His first wife’s sister could not stand that they are separated and abandons her own marriage caring for both children at Opa’s homestead – he was far away from all of this at the front.

The war is turning for the worse. He barely made it out of Stalingrad before it closes in on German Landser soldiers. The war ends and he was still in Russia when him and a few of his unit buddies threw their weapons into the ditch. They walked back West home bound. They hiked during the dark and somehow make it across the then Eastern border of Germany. Somewhere in Buttelstedt Germany an American officer most likely saved his life by writing him a passage letter allowing him to hike back home. He finally made it home after weeks worthwhile of hiking. Once home he fell in love and then married the lovely woman who had cared for his children – the sister of his deceased wife. Surviving and rebuilding after the war was not for the fainthearted.

He eventually took a chance on a factory job where he successfully worked for over three decades. He stayed active in the local community and became a volunteer in the local volunteer fire company. He loved helping others and most of all he was fair – very fair. He had no favorites amongst all of his kids and the grand kids. We always go the same treatment and also money. He did this with a passion that I have never seen anywhere else. He always had an open ear and time for people and loved listening to their stories.

He was a great mentor providing many opportunities for us to learn hard lessons in a safe environment. He would let you fail, but was always there to also save you when things started getting out of hand. He would not sugar coat the truth, but he would also not push his own agenda. I surely miss him and his razor sharp wit and sense of humor. His zest for life and unrelenting drive challenging the people around him to live up to their full potential has been truly inspiring.

I am sure that it is easy to see why Opa had such a big impact on my life. How about you? Who inspires you the most? Is this person still alive today? If so, please make sure that you tell this person how much he/ she means to you.


How to speed read – read through a book very fast

How to speed read – read through a book very fast  Ralf a

I used to read a book a year – nowadays I cannot believe that this used to be me. What has changed? I really love reading about other leader’s experiences and how they managed finding their way through leadership and business challenges. There is a common theme that runs through their stories and the more I read, the more complete the picture gets that I can derive from it. Nowadays I can plow through an average business book in fewer than 2 hours and still fully retain the points.

It is not some miracle that is needed to do this. Here is a quick run-down of how easy it is and you can do this too. Up to the last bullet point these tips help you skim read through the book. It helps you deciding if you want or need to read everything in the book. Once you are there make good use of the last bullet item:

  • Read the front and back book cover jacket. These two half page size text pieces are loaded with information about the book’s content and the author.
  • Read the foreword or intro pages. Here there are also compressed nuggets worth of powerful information about the main theme and topic of the book.
  • Read the endorsements pages. This can hold important quotes about well-known people who may have blessed the book’s author with a review of the book. This can hold an important clues depending on who those folks may be and how well known they are and what they are known for representing.
  • Read the first chapters of the book or give precedence to them. Here is where typically the most relevant and important data sets reside.
  • Read the first one or two paragraphs and the last paragraph of each chapter. That’s where the key points reside. The middle section of this text section is typically only covering personal stories and / or more ways of applying what the author may have learned and wants to pass this information along. It adds time to reading their points, but this may not be necessary reading it all.
  • Train your brain. The best thing to do is investing in a speed read course like the one offered through Eye Q Advantage.

Leaders are readers and readers are leaders. When are you going to get off the couch and be reading your next book?


Do you really want to miss the greatest opportunities of your life?

Do you really want to miss the greatest opportunities of your life?  Smaller FB

This is the true joy in life . . . being used for a purpose recognized by

yourself as a mighty one . . . being thoroughly worn out before you

are thrown on the scrap heap . . . being a force of Nature instead of

a feverish selfish little clod of ailments and grievances complaining

that the world with not devote itself to making you happy.

George Bernard Shaw

How many great opportunities have you missed out on in your life because you listened to your inner voice too long – you found yourself literally talking yourself out of the opportunity? That can happen really easily when your skeptical and pessimistic side comes through and you give it too much time to consider.

Don’t let that happen to you. It is a shame and waste of incredible potential. I am not inviting you to take unreasonable risks, but I would encourage you to ponder George Bernard Shaw’s text. Please seriously consider taking on tasks and goals that will totally stretch your abilities and skills. Let your talents go wild. The only one who will doubt and limit you will be you yourself. Wouldn’t that be a shame?


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