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9 ways how to be a fountain and not a drain

9 ways how to be a fountain and not a drain fountain

Photo credit: Wikipedia link El Alamein Memorial Fountain in Sydney, New South Wales

It is so much easier to be a drain than to be a fountain. Of course that is not a literal reference, but it is a great analogy. When we are at our best we are a fountain of love, inspiration, empathy, compassion, creativity, and so many other positive attributes. Fountains symbolize refreshment, nourishment, and providing water as a life spending human resource. Fountains therefore help sustain life. They also represent beauty and many say they even are a source of good luck.

However, many, many people allow themselves becoming a drain to themselves and others. Just take some time at the airport, in traffic, and even at the grocery store and observe the sometimes really nasty interactions between total strangers. Ultimately, these folks are energy sinks – a drain of immense power. How about trouble with your spouse or your boss? That hits in the gut and heart, doesn’t it? You can literally feel the energy leaving your body and soul when you are close nasty people like this.

Ultimately though is your choice. Only you can choose to either take a positive route or the negative. Here a few ways how you can be that fountain to others:

  • Choose your attitude: Every morning and moment brings along a new choice for you to make. You can either choose to be miserable, or you can choose to smile and be full of joy. No, I am not saying you should fake this. No matter how miserable you think you have it, rest assure there are plenty of other people who have got it so much worse than you.
  • Make other people’s day: It is easier than you think. From random kinds of kindness to just being there for others when they need a boost will do wonders for the ones whom you are helping and your own self esteem.
  • Play: Having genuine fun with others whether or not you are at home or at work is incredibly inspiring and uplifting. Ponder how you can generate a good solid mutual laugh with each other. Carry that out as much as your laughing muscles will bear it.
  • Be grateful: Gratitude is when you are truly humbled by the many gifted and talented people you get to meet on a daily basis. Gratitude is when you are truly grateful for your health, family, and friends. We have so much to be grateful for.
  • Share your talents: You impact more people than you think by what you do best. Share whatever talents you have and do it freely.
  • Volunteer: Let it be at school, church, hospitals, fire companies, local business associations, theater, special events, etc. Volunteering impacts the lives of many people and it feels great having made a difference for others.
  • Sleep: Huh? What does that have to do with being inspiring to others? That’s really simple: You had better sustain yourself and sleep as much as you can such that you have plenty of energy to expend.
  • Believe: Faith has a great impact on sustaining yourself. I find it all but impossible to be a fountain and not having a strong belief. Stock up on Faith and you will be inspiring to others and have the necessary integrity to do that for the long haul.
  • Ask what you may bring – not what you can get: In anything you do with and for others make sure you demonstrate your servitude attitude. Serving others is key to advance yourself. Yes, you serve the ones you may be in charge of. Be open, collaborative, inquisitive, and help break down barriers for the people whom you serve. Give and you shall be given.

Don’t be a drain like this woman (click to watch video). Fear, hatred, bitterness, too much ego drain your personality and reputation straight into the gutter. Sometimes it may be fun and also lucrative to let those bad feelings and thoughts direct you through the day. Ultimately, you allow those dark forces to lower, if not destroy your potential.

That’s when you see a fountain make sure to think of what you will do today to inspire others to also do their best in becoming one too.


“Showing up is eighty percent of life”

“Showing up is eighty percent of life” IMG_0088.JPG

Photo credit: Ralf Weiser

Although this saying is supposedly attributable to Woody Allen, I just heard it from a good friend of mine the other day who mentioned it while we were talking about what being an “expert” in a group setting means. On a note aside, I do not think much of that word; it is about as ambiguous as “leader”. He pretty much stated that being part of a team of “experts” is showing up. It did not immediately dawn on me how profound this little nugget of truth is. This goes deeper than only knowing a certain subject matter very well.

What does this saying try to convey? To me the only logical explanation is that showing up means making a point of genuinely being present when you show up during any encounter with other people. Showing up also means caring and helping others in whatever situation they may be in. Showing up on time, every time, and being prepared making a contribution shows that you care and that whatever the group is working on is a priority worthwhile pursuing. This is what I aspire to and it isn’t always easy and I am not always successful. That’s for certain.

What this saying doesn’t mean is that showing up is a merely being present for an event and enjoying the ride. Some people do this at an “expert” level. Did you ever notice that folks like this do not last? Sure some manage to hang on for a while, but nothing beats showing up at the genuine participation level. What will you show up for in the near future? What and how will you make a contribution? The world needs YOU!


PS: United we stand and we shall never forget the events of 09/11. I salute the many brave people who showed up helping in seemingly helpless situations

9/11 and the new World Trade Center

9/11 and the new World Trade Center IMAG0959

Picture credit: Ralf Weiser

13 years have passed by and it still has not gotten any easier thinking about the events and senseless loss of life that happened that fateful fall day. I was such a nice day too. The first days of fall still make me a little uneasy with the fresh air rich with foliage starting to wilt and the farmers harvesting the fruit of their labor – it reminds me way too much of that terrible day.

What makes me sad is the seemingly lack of progress of reaching peace in the world. Let’s see what we have here:

  • Unrest and war in Ukraine
  • War in Gaza
  • ISIS crisis in Iraq and Syria
  • Continued trouble in Afghanistan
  • Civil war in Syria
  • Arab Spring is still not over in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya
  • North Korea – perhaps quiet for now, but how long will that last?
  • Insert other crisis spots here _____________


Let’s see how all of these issues get resolved, because they will get resolved eventually. That is the only silver lining that I can derive from the 9/11 events. As difficult as the days, weeks, months, and years that followed them have been, we did come back from the rubble. The 9/11 memorial is a beautiful and tasteful site forever serving as a reminder to us. The museum is an awesome way to help keep the events fresh in our minds even if you are too young to have lived through them. We should all be proud that the new World Trade Center once again stands proud amongst the NYC skyline. That is where it’s at: We may be down but never out. United we stand and united we will be strong in facing whatever other hardships may come our way.


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