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Discover what time and money have in common with thermostats and thermometers

Discover what time and money have in common with thermostats and thermometers Ralf a

Everything we do seems to revolve around it: Time – and time is money. Our lives provide us with the time to earn money. Then we can start living, but primarily we live to work. Should it not be the other way around? It all sounds wrong. The shocking truth is that we are looking at money being a thermostat when in fact it should be viewed as a thermometer.

What does this mean? A thermostat regulates heat and air conditioning. Is that not the same with time and money? We direct our doing (and I might add our sense of being) and align it directly with how much time and money may result from it. The result had better be positive and the more we can put away for ourselves the better it is. Time and money directs what we do and sometimes unfortunately also who we are. That would be the thermostat way of looking at time and money.

Now take a look at the thermometer version of this scenario. A thermometer merely tells you the room temperature. It does not directly impact the heating or cooling. Substitute the thermometer with time and money. Both are only the outcome of our doing and being part of life. Therefore, it is the result of how well we live. Now we are talking. Quality of life comes from our choices. It makes a huge difference whom we spend our time and money with, and where and how we earn our money. That in turn is related to our core values, ethics, morality, believes, goals, strategies, tactics, purpose, priorities, etc.

It still all starts with your choices. The most important choice that you can make in your life ever is to start thinking about time and money as your success thermometer and not a thermostat. Do it sooner rather than later, or do you like living to go work over working so you can live harmoniously?

How does one balance and leverage your time and money? Here is an excellent and must-see video by Kris Kelso: (click here to watch his Youtube video).


Find out about how you prevent missing the greatest treasures right before your eyes

Find out about how you prevent missing the greatest treasures right before your eyes upload_-1-3

Photo credit: Ralf Weiser, Hämelschen Burg Castle in Northern Germany

On my recent trip to my German home village in Northern Germany I visited a small little castle again that made me think about the headline above. As you can see by the photos it is a small yet very pretty little castle with a lot of rich history. The little chapel below the castle is the oldest Protestant one in Germany. Even Tilly stopped by during the 30-year war. The castle is still owned by the same family that has resided here since 1437. It is an absolute gem located close to the Pied Piper city of Hameln, which lies around one hour South West of Hannover.


Why am I telling you about this? I missed visiting this beautiful structure and all of its history and even more so magnificent Christmas market for most of my life. It was not until I had moved out of the country and had lived in different countries that I actually visited it for the first time. The only reason I had gone back then was because I had travelled with other visitors from America who wanted to get to know my old stomping grounds. They were astounded to learn that I had not been to this place even though I had lived within 10 minutes driving time by car. Boy did I feel stupid and since that faithful trip about 15 years ago I have vowed to make a change.


The reason why I missed out on this was that I was so used to seeing it almost daily for years. Preventing missing out on all these hidden treasures located nearby you is actually really easy in principle. All you have to do is to start planning visiting the most local sights to see in your area. If you have kids, invite them to help you out with finding sightseeing sights in your town, county, state, and surrounding states. Google should help make this really easy. Now on to the tough part: You actually have to plan seeing at least one of these sites per summer. Most of you will probably say that this is a piece of cake. Well, it is tougher than you think, especially if you have not done this before.


Share your experience with your family and friends. Share it at work. Invite visitors to come with you on these trips. There is so much to see and explore. Just remember that it is not the things, the stuff we clutter our lives with that really matter in life – it is the experiences we help create for others and ourselves that are priceless. We are all blessed beyond measure with the richness of these sites and the people that we get to meet on the way there and back.

Ralf Weiser





What are you grateful for at Thanksgiving?

What are you grateful for at Thanksgiving? upload_-1

Photo credit: Ralf Weiser, with my kids and my sister in Berlin, Germany this year. I am grateful for two children who where troopers exploring this magnificent city. Same goes for my sister, her family, and my wife, who encouraged us taken this trip. Blessed beyond measure.

Have you taken the time pondering this question a little bit? No matter how hard life’s left hook hits you sometimes, there are quite a few things that happen to you that are actually really cool – eventually.

For me it makes me think of my first Thanksgiving in the U.S.A. – and Phyllis. That was 1989, the year I arrived at Philly from Germany for what I thought would only be for a 3 year adventure. Phyllis was a friend of a friend who knew a friend of mine at the company I still work for today. A recent divorcee, she rented a room of her little condo to me. I was grateful for having a place to stay. The room was big enough that the only things I had to my name were two suitcases full of clothes, which barely took up space in the room’s closet.

I was new to country and language and I knew no one. She was so warm-hearted and explained a lot of colloquialisms and also taught me everything from how to do laundry to going grocery shopping. I had been in the country only for a few months when the Phyllis asked me if I wanted to stick around with her family for the Thanksgiving holiday. I had to ask her what we will be grateful for and what the holiday was all about. She tried explaining this to me as best as she could.

Little did that prepare me for that great cold Thursday in the fall of 1989. I was astounded how many family members and friends showed up. Two big tables were moved together and everyone helped in preparing the food and table for the feast. Then I saw my first prepared turkey. Wow! I had never seen anything like it. When all the food was set on the table I thought to myself that there was enough for a whole football team to show up and still have enough food for everyone.

After saying Grace her family and friends asked me all kinds of questions as to where I was from and what I was doing here in the States. They did not know it, but I was so humbled by that. At that time, Germans were still not all that welcome in various areas in Europe and people there would avoid you and actually make a point to exclude you. Here a former foe was sitting amongst folks whose relatives most likely had fought mine in one or both world wars. Instead of hostility I received nothing but warmth, inclusion, and most of all a genuine interest in a total stranger!

That marked the beginning of me falling in love with our great country and its people. Who I am is due to my German upbringing, education, and of course my family and friends back there. Who I can be I owe to America. I am eternally grateful and grateful to this country, its people, and also of you Phyllis wherever you may be today. Thank you Phyllis!

Yes, that is correct. I have lost track of her since I had a rather whirlwind 20 plus years here and overseas behind me and I lost touch with her. A while back I found her on Facebook but she has not answered yet as she seems to be a very infrequent Facebooker. Hoping that you are ok.

Do you have people that have made such a tremendous difference like my Phyllis? Did they change your life? Do they know they did that for you? If not, please pick up the phone or otherwise get in touch with them. Happy Thanksgiving folks.

Ralf Weiser

Wonder why employees are leaving you? Wonder no more

Mess up just one of the 10 most important things to your team members and they may be more than just disengaged 39bac56d-8cfb-4003-a409-6702874dcba4-medium

Info graphic credit: Simon T Bailey http://simontbailey.com

I just love Simon’s recent info graphic he posted to his LinkedIn feed. It puts 10 most important leader-manager priorities on to one easy to understand single page. So here goes the challenge to all of you who serve others by being their leader-manager: Ask yourself how you can best address the needs and wants of your team members in the following areas:

  1. How well do you compensate your team members? How does this stack up with the region and your benchmark industries?
  2. How well do you onboard and provide continuous training opportunities?
  3. How much of a positive challenge can you provide for your team member?
  4. How much of a career path can you provide for your team member?
  5. How much transparency is there around your team? How much of a safe environment can you provide to your team members such that they will freely and candidly collaborate?
  6. How much and how many times can you show your appreciation for your team members?
  7. Do your team members really know how much you and / or the organization value their input and output?
  8. How much of a winning organization have you been able to create? Do you have a worthy mission even for yourself to pursue? How about your team members?
  9. How does her authority match her responsibility level? How much of an impact does she have on creating the challenge?
  10. How much do you trust and love yourself? Do you extent this trust to everyone in your group?

There are so many employee engagement surveys and also consultants around that are supposed to help getting your team members to fully engage. Do not waste your money on any of this unless you are committed to reviewing and then committing to making a monumental difference with two sets of people at your organization: Top level management and YOU must be committed to finding great answers to the above ten categories of questions. The moment these two are getting engaged it is only a matter of time and your team members will get engaged as well and they no longer have any reason to leave you behind.


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