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Never miss a chance to instantly relief stress – look up and enjoy a mental break

Never miss a chance to instantly relief stress – look up and enjoy a mental break IMAG0503 (3)

Our lives are so busy it is hard if not impossible taking a good break throughout the day. Mental breaks and a little rest are really necessary though. No one can sustain running at 100% all the time. One solution is taking little short mental breaks. Those we must make time for at a minimum.

Not too long ago I went to the Kimmel Center in Philly for a special performance. It was at the end of the week and totally hustle bustle time. After a busy week at work this should have been a welcome and much needed break, but just the traffic alone can bring the average adult to his knees as far as patience is concerned. It did not get much better once inside the center. Wow does this building holds a lot of people. This event quickly turned into a lot of stress.

Then I looked up and the pictures cannot do it justice what I saw. The architecture was absolutely beautiful. And then it occurred to me: I can take a mental break wherever and whenever I want! I took a few deep breaths and kept enjoying the beauty in front of me. That was all I needed to recharge my energy.

That is a powerful thought that you can and should be tapping into as well. What are the things that you have noticed when you chose to stop what you were doing to take a mental break?


How to not sabotage your career

How to not sabotage your career Ralf a

The amount of employees of the American work force succeeding in sabotaging their careers by finding problems but not developing solutions every day is mind boggling.

In the event that you are worried about job security or moving up the career ladder at all, then follow these simple and straightforward steps:

  • Try finding and then singling out a root cause for a problem.
  • Find a suitable solution for this problem.
  • Develop one or more suitable other solutions or case scenarios.
  • Prototype or experiment with the solutions that you may be able to conjure up.
  • Try proving that your ideas will work and beta test such that you can be 99.9% sure that the products or services actually work.
  • Locate early possible first internal or external adopters of your solutions, products, and services.
  • Communicate with a lot of folks ahead of time. Clarity and involvement is is never overrated.
  • Collaborate with all the stakeholder of this interaction or intervention. Help and ideas, who does not need them?

Some of these few examples seem to be something that some employees never have on their radar. Do not be surprised if your manager-leader will ignore you in the future when you miss on one or more or the above criteria.

One key item that will turn you into an invaluable asset it to identify problems and also at least two – better three – options. Think about it. You are the only one who is the subject matter specialist in what you do. Only you are in direct contact with the important stake holders. Your boss is typically not. That is so powerful. Your perception is what counts. When you put your thoughts on solving issues and you manager compiling a solution that you can totally stand behind and you can use your strengths and passion make it happen, no boss should stand in your way.

I might add that some bosses may get into your way. That may be part of their own ego flaws or sign of working for a toxic company culture. That is also good to know even if you do not get your solution approved. It lets you ponder whether or not you should stay or move on. Is that not worth it too, if you finally figure out how to make your working life less miserable? Sounds like a win-win-win to me.

Does it take time and energy to do all of this? Sure. Will you be able to enjoy a better work life soon after implementing either new solutions or start working elsewhere? Absolutely. What are you waiting for? Letting is go will sabotage your career and jeopardize your long term employment though. Tough choice.


The painful truth about success and money

The painful truth about success and money Money and women

Photo credit: Ralf Weiser

Success and money are not to be pursued. They become attracted by whom you have become. This one is really twisted and ironic tough nut to crack. The more you feel entitled to getting respect, success, money, positions, status etc, the less you will get in the long run. Conversely, the more you work on yourself, the greater the chance that you will all but automatically attract these goodies. Biggest impact you can make is of course the workplace as far as your pay and status is concerned.

Face it very few people truly care about you enough to help you grow professionally or as a person. So this is something that only you can do something about. You will have to sit on the proverbial rock and gaze into the sky (or your snow globe) and heavily ponder what you can do to change your professional career. “What can I do or become and what do I have to do to get there?” are powerful questions that you need to ask yourself. The quintessential element to your success lies in reframing your thinking. Change your YOU’s to I’s, BUT’s to AND’s, SHOULD to COULD, etc and then give it no more than 9 months before some interesting changes will occur. The moment you take active and actually pro-active charge of your life. Even little things at work such as figuring out a problem that was not necessarily yours to solve, but you do it anyway and without asking your boss for permission will not go unnoticed. In fact you will stir up the pot really quickly and this will feel uneasy on you as well as the people around you. Some may actually feel threatened. That is the zone where you want to be though. More rewarding tasks will be headed your way. The more you help others the greater the chance that your career will advance.

You may say that your boss would never allow this or be the first to feel threatened. My guess is that quite a few of you will feel this way about their bosses. Park that thought for a moment. On your way to attracting significance and success you may have another choice to make. You need to either stay where you are in your comfort zone, or you need to move on and make a more drastic move and not work in such an environment anymore. No bad boss will ever matter again when you gain competencies by working on finding solutions for others to enjoy. Consistently working on yourself needs no permission by your supervisor no matter where you work. It will lead to success and money because of who you have become.


Here is something you did not know about orchestra conductors

Ralf a

Here is something you did not know about orchestra conductors

When I was young(er) I really did not get the point what an orchestra conductor’s job really was supposed to be. Sure the hairdos and wild gestures were very impressive, but how did all of that transpose into leadership and much less into the beautiful music? After all, the musicians were all professionals who obviously knew their instruments and music? How does a conductor merely lead by gesturing?

Point is that much can be learned about the conductor and leadership by just watching them during performances (please watch this TED Talk about this topic here). By far the worst by today’s standards are the tyrants who honestly think only their interpretation of the music should be played. This turns the musicians into mere instruments. That is so yesteryear. The first conductor shown in the linked video was told that he was indeed a great conductor, but he was also invited to quit at the same time. The musicians appear to not being able to stand the egocentric life and leadership style.

Then there are the minimalists who keep their musicians guessing what and when and how they are supposed to play. Sound familiar? With leaders like that there are fields of raw eggs to stomp on – no matter where you step there may be a mess soon.

The semi good conductors provide visible and audible low key directions. They enjoy the performance and really attempt inviting the musicians to interpret the pieces making the performance memorable.

The crème dela crème are conductors who lead by increasing their musician’s potential. At the performance they are merely there providing a presence of comfort and collaboration. The rest is up to the team of musicians and the notes in front of them. Responsibility and autonomy are at a natural balance. Every stake holder is better off and the audience gets to experience a really unique concert. It’s one of a kind; one that is meant only for this audience.

Substitute conductor for the name of your boss and see where he/ she may fall. Do they know where you stand and are they working on getting better at leadership? If so, be candid and share this post and / or the video with them. Having the courage to look at themselves and then having the persistence of making changes are great ideas. If the leader-manager is you, well, what is your management style?


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