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15 best secret ways how to increase your tips and customer loyalty

15 best secret ways how to increase your tips and customer loyalty Smaller FB

This is really worth reading for any service person who may be befuddled why the tips have not been great. It is also worth reading for food and restaurant entrepreneurs who cannot figure out why their business is not taking off as it could or should.

I am totally with Jeffrey Gitomer who dedicated a whole book for making a case for customer loyalty and not satisfaction. Satisfaction is here one second and within a split second it can be gone and you are left guessing why your tip is dismal. Remember that it is loyalty that you need to be after. One bad service fazes no one if you have built a solid reputation for treating your customers like guests to your home. If this should happen, no one will abandon you for a glitch. Deliver that a few times and you will be looking for your stuff on the lawn.

  1. Here is your hat, what is your hurry. Time is money, but you may be saving on the wrong end. If you hurry a guest through your restaurant etc do not expect for them to come back.
  2. Eye contact is a must. Making a personal connection with another human being is so cool, is easy to do, and yet it is one of the most overlooked ways how to totally own the customer service experience.
  3. If you are that miserable, perhaps consider a new career. No one can expect that you will be happy all the time about what your job routine entails. Being nasty to customers and co team members (I mean everyone) can lead to interesting issues with far reaching consequences.
  4. Even faint ink is better than the best memory. Make a habit of always writing down the food and drink (insert any other service items here) choices – do not trust your brain.
  5. Do not expect to make much money or to make it in the food industry without superior cleanliness. Appearance is everything. Look well groomed and wear the best clothes that must be clean and you will do so much better.
  6. What is the ambiance around where food is consumed? Location may be super important, but a draft here and out of place decorations or furniture can really put a show stopper on you.
  7. Do you really expect an answer when you ask a question and the guest has a full mouth? It is impolite for one and counter productive to ask if you could not have possibly been looking for feedback if you are either too fast, or you pay no attention at all to your guests.
  8. It just may be your maître d’ who may be the wrinkle here. How many nasty front desk people and folks who show you to your seats have you come across? Was that enjoyable? Any questions?
  9. Memorizing the specials is great, but reading it off a list may be better. Much like the customer’s choices, it is equally important that you recall what the actual specials are.
  10. Even if it is not your table, they are still guests, why not look after them? Yup, I know this will irk a few co-workers, but you are not benefiting from such top notch customer service. Patrons will ask for you by name if you make people feel secure and cuddly at home away from home.
  11. Blaming is for losers and if you have to do it, do it elsewhere. Complaining has never helped anyone in the long run. Try to get to know him. He Is not as tall as I had pictured then.
  12. You had better had a game plan for when these large uncoordinated crowds come in. Let’s say that there is a volunteer set of folks coming in as they will have a performance at a local theater or something like this. Those guys can and will be some of the most loyal customers that you can imagine. It may not be an option to get the cook back out and get the party started.
  13. Even a frequent flyer can still get the occasional perk. Why can you not think of one? Peanuts? Super small cookies. It does not take much to make a customer’s day.
  14. Pile up on table #53! Clean up clutter on customer’s tables. They will only get mad when pile up more stuff than what you take away.
  15. Being fast is important, being nice is even more important and is a 24/7 job. I do not need to expand on this one. Also, how managers treat their employees DOES make a difference. A huge difference.

Here a just a few more that would absolutely kick your earning potential up a notch:

  1. You have a list of interesting sites and local activities.
  2. You have a special set of toys on hand that totally make the kids day.
  3. Everybody helps everybody.
  4. Put a cheat sheet with the correct tip amount and lower and greater percentages into the little invoice holder.
  5. Really wanting to be there by choice can be felt by the guests.
  6. Have a few really cool surprises for the guests handy that they are not expecting at all.
  7. You treat the customers as if they were good friends whom you have not seen for a while.

For folks who travel a lot, or simply go out and eat out and stay at all kinds of places, the above lists may be painful to read. We are living in the customer service oriented economy number 1 and yet there is such a vast service desert out there. It will not take much to come out ahead of this list. But when you do put the little bit extra into it, you will excel in your job and your business (no matter who owns it) will thrive.


If the broom fits, ride it – if it doesn’t then don’t

If the broom fits, ride it – if it doesn’t then don’t Ralf a

This is a close cousin of “if the shoe fits, wear it – if it doesn’t then don’t”. These saying refer to situations when other not so nice folks try baiting you to into becoming upset. They say things just to irk you, getting a rise out of you for the sake of their and other people’s amusement. The bottom line is that you have to keep your cool no matter how hard they are trying for you to let your lizard brain take over. Why? That is really simple: when you let your oldest part of the human brain go into flight, fight, or freeze mode situations can spiral out of control really fast. Only when your intellect is fully engaged can situations such as this be turned back into something you can control.

The most effective control action that you can choose is ignoring the picking and prying of your counterparts. Choose to not ride that broom and not to wear that shoe. Let the insults bounce right off of you. Most of those nasty folks will let go of you right away.


Memorial Day – It is the thought behind it that counts

Memorial Day – It is the thought behind it that counts 20150524_075128

Photo credit: Ralf Weiser; depicted here Grandpa Herrmann

Just before Memorial Day my 10 year old son asked me what this holiday is all about. I explained to him that this is a day of remembrance and appreciation of all the people who protect and serve us in military, police, healthcare, and in many other services. Then I wondered how many adults would take a moment asking the same question. Even if you do, you cannot really appreciate what all these folks afford us with unless you have gone through it yourself. What we have left to evaluate and ponder this question are the stories we read and watch in magazines and television, perhaps even in movies.

My own contribution to telling a story was my stint in the German Army. I was drafted at age 19 and worked in a tank maintenance battalion servicing and repairing anything that had tracks and wheels. It was at the height of the military spending (does StarWars ring a bell?) where President Reagan outspent Russia eventually. Living under the shadow of the Russian guns was not an easy thought to cope with especially since I was stationed a mere 1.5 hours away from the East German border. Boot camp and later the days spent in military maneuvers at tank ranges were really something else.

Here we were, fresh draftees laying in the mud, sand, brush etc in just about any weather – much like any movie that depicts going through boot camp. Except this time I was one of the actors. When it affects you personally it takes on a different meaning. Especially tough were the nights when we needed to dig fox holes in the woods. We had no night vision goggles so I could see nothing. But you could hear noises. Let me tell you that being in a forest at night provide ample noises and you needed to somehow figure out what was natural and what could stem from our maneuver counter attackers. For “fun” our commanders would through in ABC gas alarms in which you needed to throw on a gas mask and a poncho that in theory would protect you from gas raining down on you. That was all well and fine, but how about tending to thirst, hunger or other bodily functions? Hmm, must have been an office person who never went outdoors who came up with that one. Then occasionally flares would go up which made a horrific sound going up into the sky. Now you could see some of the things that went on out there, but the other side could potentially see you too.

That is when the thought really sunk into me: “Oh my God. What if the international saber rattling starts to become ugly and this turns into real fighting?” The thought was rather uncomfortable I must admit. I thought that this would get better in the maintenance unit surrounded by and with high tech machinery. I was quite wrong. Going to a maneuver was an adventure. Here I was on a 2 ton Unimog (pretty much a 2.5 larger Humvee) driving behind 12 Leopard II tanks weighing 70 tons each with full gear on board. During the day things were cool as you could see them and they could see you – mostly. You still had to watch out though, because hitting them even with a truck would only chip the paint on them, but you would not want to find out the hard way what would happen to you. At night the story changed again . The tank driver closes his access door and pretty much sees nothing. He drives only by help of the tank commander who directs him via intercom. These guys drove just as fast at night and that goes for forward and back ward. Nothing – and I mean nothing – was safe. Only trees two feet in diameter and bigger as well as big large boulders would slow them down. How did I feel on the truck bed of the maintenance Unimog? Do not ask. I could not sleep much at all and most of the time we were called out helping stuck or defective vehicles anyway.

This is how I start my Memorial Day. I remember those days in the German Army when I looked at my comrades and reflected upon what would and could have happened to us. I think of my Granddad Georg who never came home from WWII and the other one, Herrman who had escaped the horrors of Stalingrad and came back on foot from Russia both having fought an absolute senseless war. I think about all the folks who either lost their lives or are currently risking their lives such that we may live a life in comfort and freedom. It is this thought that counts, because it lays the foundation for us never to forget how great a risk and sacrifice this really is. How are you making sure that you dedicate a thought to this topic?


Check out 6 quick ways to evict negative people out of your life

Check out 6 quick ways to evict negative people out of your life Smaller FB

Negativity begets negativity. This can range from people who like to gossip with you to outright nasty people that complain way too much. Problem is that they seek you out and you can seemingly not escape them. You endure the conversation, but it drags you down with it and getting back to your normal way takes some time. Time that you do not have.

There are a few negativity busters that you can use to stay positive and on task.

  1. Being positive. Fire away with your winning smiles. Nothing works better at shushing negative people away like having a great attitude and showing it off.
  2. Humor. A good laugh will send negative folks scurrying to their deep and dark caves.
  3. Effectiveness. If people are known time sinks here is a method to be fair and effective at the same time when you interrupt them. Something that is really important can be scheduled for another time when it is more convenient for you. Saying something like this can be highly effective: “Listen, this sounds like it is really important to you. Should I schedule a meeting to discuss this further with you?”
  4. Walk away. Yes, it is that simple. This has nothing to do with you being rude. Was the other person not rude first by raping your ears with things that do not add value, or worse were offensive or outright nasty?
  5. Associate with and befriend nice people. Duh, you say? Of course it should be self-explanatory, but often we cannot see the trees before the woods. Seek out and stay close to people who energize you. Negative people do not hover around them either.
  6. Candor. When folks stop by often and you never say a word to them about it, well, that is YOUR own fault. At times other people can just not read your silent clues. In most instances all it takes is your candid feedback and the “stalking” can stop right after providing your sincerely meant thought on the matter.

Negativity is not sustainable as it has its origin in hatred, envy, and a lack of emotional intelligence (self-awareness). It tries to exclude people and thrive on people’s differences. The antidote is love, laughter, optimism, empathy, compassion, etc as it founded in inclusion. It is not better leading a well-balanced life where you are part of something bigger, self-sustaining and thus something positive? Start with reflecting upon your own view and then make a difference as soon as you can. Stay happy my friends.


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