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What’s your hinge?

What’s your hinge? Hinges_Fittings2

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Doors use hinges upon which they are hung and rotate to be able to swing open and close. Much like doors our lives are hinged as well. That hinge is your central idea – your purpose. It’s the hinge pin around which your life’s journey rotates. That is whether or not you realize what that is or not.

The more and deeper I look the clearer I see what my hinges look like. They are centered on the following concepts:

  • Collaboration
  • Curiosity
  • Courage
  • Culture, being a practitioner of authentic and transparent leadership
  • Connections and connecting
  • Serving others
  • Helping others reach their potential
  • Practicing the triple bottom line

So what is your hinge? Make it your top priority seeking and finding it, or do you want to live a life of regret later? At the end of your journey you should be able to say “what a ride!” instead of “I wish I had done this, that, and the other thing”.


Total recall – except we thankfully don’t

IMAG0327 (2)Total recall – except we thankfully don’t 

When we reflect back on life and its issues we are thankfully protected by our memory distorting the view a little bit. It’s like looking through our rear view mirrors “caution: items are closer than you think”. Even the really bad things we often either do not remember at all, or we only remember the good things that stuck out. Our brains throw a blanket over the bad stuff once we have extracted what we needed to learn.

Look at a few examples that may sound familiar to you:

  • The whole school experience is usually riddled with issues. When we are going through the experience we wish it would be over as quick as possible. Later in life we often look back fondly of teachers and fellow students.
  • Pregnancy and the birthing process. I am going out on a limb here, but I venture saying that there would be fewer second babies if women and men would recall how painful the process was with the first one.

There are many other examples where our brain’s rearview mirror is quite distorted about the past. Always look anyway and learn your lessons, but also never forget to appreciate that some things are ok not to remember all that well.


One sure fire way how to guarantee personal growth

One sure fire way how to guarantee personal growth Smaller FB

People very rarely improve when they have no other example to copy but themselves. You want to grow though. The most effective way how to do that is to look at other successful people for reference purposes and then to model yourself after them.

First get rid of the notion that you can, or should do everything on your own. You lose out on a lot of fun and progress if you cling to your self-projected image that only exists in your imagination.

Success leaves traces behind that you can learn so much from. Find them and follow the trail back to the origin. Don’t be afraid speaking with the people you will find who left the traces. Perhaps they are even willing to become your mentor? Everyone should have one and what can you possibly lose when you ask? A “no” has not hurt anyone ever.


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