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How will we keep our children out of debt? Discover what that may look like

How will we keep our children out of debt? Discover what that may look like

Everyone should want to go to college. Right? Absolutely. The way how parents and students need to follow convention right now is however nothing short of absurd. Come high school grade 11 and our kids are supposed to know what field of study they are supposed to pick and there is supposed to be an idea as to what career they will pursue.

There a few major issues with this path. For starters how can anyone assume that at the end of completing college that there will be a career waiting for them? At best there will be jobs and only if student and parent were smart enough to have networked for this to happen. Next issue is that the student may just find out that the initially picked field of study is not her cup of tea. Once she makes a change more time and money need to be spent until college is completed. There are many, many studies dedicated to how many college students drop out of college. 30% drop out just in the first year alone (http://www.collegeatlas.org/college-dropout.html). The final major hurdle here is money. Either the student or parent will end up with a lot of dept. Why are we doing this to ourselves?

There is an emerging trend to a “learn and earn” path that is fueled by local manufacturing companies bringing back jobs to the USA mainland (aka “onshoring”). Jobs that had been marginalized in the nineties have gone and they will stay gone. Manufacturers have learned the hard way that in order to survive in today’s market place they must have a flexible and customizable product and service portfolio. This drives up complexity and most of all creativity that the manufacturer needs to be able to accommodate. This increases the competency level requirements of his employees (I like team members better, but that is another story). The times of the dirty, grimy, noisy, and outright nasty work and work environment that people picture from the 70s and 80s are on the way out. On- or Re-shoring of jobs means that there are many careers open in so-called manufacturing places that offer a learn-and-earn environment with career pathing and great pay.

Wait for it: Yes, and they just may offer the new employee a way to a college degree. This is what I believe whole heartedly lies the future of our youth: obtain a career in forward thinking manufacturing places that offer our children first a job, a possible career path with benefits and competitive pay – and a way to earn a college degree. What’s missing? Here comes the kicker: What will be missing are time lost and debt – learn-and-earn will not bait and hook you to years worth of paying off college debt.

Personally, I volunteer and dedicate my time to the local Manufacturing Alliance. This is a place where schools, students their parents, educators, and legislators come together to help pave the way for our children not to accrue debt. Discover more about what this career path may look like for you (http://www.maccdcpa.org). Do not take my word for this. Remember Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs? Please take the time to watch his bid on Americans missing out on great jobs by going to college (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ir9Ved560aA).


Ever thought of blogging? Check out 3 great resources

Ever thought of blogging? Check out 3 great resources Ralf a

“If I only had the time then I would be able to start blogging”. Does that sound like you? I hear this a lot. Most folks are really overwhelmed by the technical details how to get started. That is actually the simpler part of the whole endeavor.

The toughest part of this is to jump over your own shadow and make the decision to get started. Once you commit you can start figuring out how to best do this.

There is a bounty of resources that can help you get started. Here is writer Jeff Goin’s quick start up help: http://t.co/hJpn4hdD Also, here is Michael Hyatt’s advice on platform and blog building: http://michaelhyatt.com/ez-wordpress-setup.html You can be up in 8 to 20 minutes.

Next is planning out what you want to blog about. If it is your plan to monetize this eventually then you had better pick something that will provide value to the readers, but most importantly it needs to have a key focal point and clarity. No niche topic is small enough to write about consistently.

Now plan out your topics and the frequency with which you want to blog. Consistency and predictability are the most important factors next writing from the reader’s vantage point. Provide enough time slots for you to start writing out topics and then regularly start writing about them. Build up a queue of blogs that allow firing them off consistently.

Get into the habit of delivering the blog in a predictable time frame. Watch your readership increase. The secret of increasing readership has to do with being able to pick great headlines http://www.copyblogger.com/10-sure-fire-headline-formulas-that-work/ and also structuring your paragraphs. More important is to deliver content that is timeless. Finally do not demand and expect readers to just sign own; write to earn every new reader.

Make it easy to share your content and finally think about guest posting. Work with bloggers that deliver similar content. Connect with well-known bloggers and writers – never, ever ask them for favors. Just listen to what they have to share with you and perhaps they may even consider providing a guest spot, or connecting you with another great resource.

Before you know it you will see how easy it is to amass blog posts. Blogging is one of the best things I have done for my personal development. Writing about a topic provides clarity and focus. If you are interested in doing the same, all you need to do is to make the decision to start and you will be up and running in no time.

Have fun and a great week – do not forget to start, otherwise this will nag at you for a long time to come.


5 ways to recover from white collar crime at your organization

5 ways to recover from white collar crime at your organization Ralf a

Well over a decade ago we became victim of a white collar crime. Our then CFO was ultimately convicted of stealing money from our organization. If that was not bad enough, the individual had been a really good friend of mine. Well, at least I had thought so at the time.

The news of the apprehension and later the trial were actually really traumatizing. How could this have happened without me, or anyone else for that matter, noticing a thing? What a break in personal trust this had been! I was devastated. For a while it was really tough to trust anyone. Why would anyone do such a nasty thing in the first place? I had so many questions. Along the way regaining composure a few tips emerged that may be able helping you get over the distrust that ensues after such an event:

  • Try finding out what really happened. Dig deep. Dig really deep. Find out what exactly happened and especially how and under which circumstances your incident could have happened. Make sure to journal about this such that you can always refer back to your findings.
  • Park your bitterness. Tough to do and easy to talk about it when it does not affect you. When someone close to you does you wrong things can get personal really quick. As that happens emotions can spiral out of control easily. Make an active point of forgiving that person and make sure that you do not let you get bitter. Pick a better time to be angry, but keep it short, really short. Get on with your life.
  • Put in safeguards that will protect you in the future. Now that you know what and how it happened, put safeties in place such that something like it cannot happen again.
  • Start reaching out again. Go ahead, mingle with people. Perhaps there are other folks who were hurt just as badly as you did. Connect with them, but do not forget about any other close folks to you. Shared sorrow is half the sorrow.
  • Give it some time. Time does indeed heal almost any wounds you sustain. After a while you will start trusting people again. Trust is good. Trust is so important that you must make the effort to get back into a healthy zone of delegating, collaboration, etc.

There is probably no sure fire way protecting you from significant stress and heart ache when people whom you trust betray you. You cannot afford to avoid people in the long run. Limit your exposure and risk, but make sure that you go out amongst people and learn to trust again as quickly as possible.


PS: Please let me know if you need a list with protection mechanisms that should be in place when hiring and managing your key C suite people, but especially your CFO.

When more is less

When more is less Ralf a

Multitasking has gained in significance over the last few years. Technology has made it all possible. Unfortunately, we are also now glued to our little smart phone screens or any other “smart” devices wherever we have a chance.

We are online no matter where we are any more. We are on them when we watch TV, at the doctor’s office, and we even when we are with friends and family. The photo was taken during a recent youth orchestra performance. One parent was on his laptop the whole time; another was on his phone playing a game the whole time their kids were performing their little hearts out.

What is wrong with this picture? Well, it is not wrong if it works for you. It does not work for me though. Trying to do two, three things at a time help doing none really well. Too many thoughts at a time just clutter your brain and thus your projects get watered down in quality.

Now consider what multitasking does to your personal and business relationships. Are you really present, when you are present? How do you like when a person speaking with you does not look you in the eye? Doesn’t it bother you when that individual cannot remember parts of the discussion whilst still being in the discussion? How about working your bum off and people cannot notice because they are deep in thought on their smart phones?

Why would you do that to others then? Let’s all take a break and put the “smart” devices on silent and stack them up on the table in front of us. Welcome a deeper sense of community and being.


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