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Change your life or career and do it soon!

Change your life or career and do it soon! Ralf a

Isn’t it fascinating how many people are unhappy with their careers and lives and yet they do not do anything about it? What appears to be happening is that the pain of remaining the same is not greater that the pain of changing (read more on that here). The solution is mind bogglingly simple though. Make an active choice to be happy where you are, or choose to do something about it – just do not do anything and be miserable every day about it.

The status quo is painful to watch and listen to. FB and other social media sites are full of status updates that begin or end with “ugh”. Many of the folks “cannot wait for Friday afternoon to roll around” and it’s only Monday. Yet, the day job is having a great comeback as far as popularity is concerned (click to view Forbes article).

Do not waste your life away complaining and longing for something that you will do something about some day. That day is either now or never. Get busy living.


How to advance in life and career through being present

How to advance in life and career through being present Ralf a

Presence has mostly to do with being in the moment and recognizing for the significance it has for your and the people around you. “Presencing” helps build up trust and goodwill. It helps elevate others and you get elevated with it. Here are ten examples of how you can put the odds in your favor and achieve personal and career growth beyond your imagination.

  • Being present by showing up – consistently. This is the most literal interpretation of being present. You actually have to show up to stuff in order to be present. Showing up consistently tells others that you care, that you can make and hold commitments, that you are dependable, and that you respect other people’s time. Do you recognize the key foundational ingredients to building trust?
  • Being present by meeting people at eye level. Meeting people where they are in their thought process and state of their mind and being is only possible if you slow down and park your ego for a little while. What you think should and could be done is irrelevant. We all want to be truly heard und just not listened to long enough having to listen to yet another “yes, but…” type reaction.
  • Being present by lending a hand. Step up and help a person and do that with expecting nothing in return. Watch what may happen to you. Encounters like this lead to enriching conversations and actions. Not bad for something that did not even cost you anything but time.
  • Being present by being curious and than having the courage and determination to do something about it. Open your eyes and mind and be inquisitive (I did not say nosy), People and things you will notice can change your life forever.
  • Being present by actively listening. There are tons of self help books about this topic. Bottom line here is that you had better learn how to stop what you are doing, turn toward to person you want to have a conversation with, and make good solid eye contact: and now you are ready to listen. “You have my attention” is what this tells the other person.
  • Being present by asking questions. This is a close relative of active listening. Asking great questions tell the other person that you have listened and that you are showing respect.
  • Being present by being candid. Easier said than done, right? Absolutely, especially in relationships that make you fear say anything because you may lose your job or suffer other not so cool consequences. And yet not being candid with other means you are not being candid with yourself. If you can feel it you can say it. If you feel like you cannot do that it may be time to change the job or relationship.
  • Being present by keeping confidential things confidential. Commonsensical you say? Yeah except common sense is not common practice. When you are lucky enough enjoying a candid conversation please make sure to manage the information of the conversation very carefully.
  • Being present by slowing down and listening to your inner voice and body. Here is one that the vast majority of people totally overlook. Being present enough to making your mental, and physical health a priority.
  • Being present by acknowledging and embracing your spirituality. Much like the previous point make sure that whatever you believe in is a priority in your daily or weekly routine.

Advancing in life throughout life and career is achieved with a lot of help of other people. Choose to be present in their lives and they will help you create predictable miracles. So it starts with you paying attention to when and in what form you must be present for others and yourself.



Hope pablo-10

People who know me may have caught me saying that I never lose hope, but that I aim to keep my expectations in check. Hope is important at a level of taking a breath or drinking and eating. This is the magic force that lets us make it through another difficult day or situation. Though we may not know what the future holds, with hope we muster the courage and determination to press on anyway. With that said I wondered what my version of a hope manifesto could look like. I can only encourage you to peruse the manifesto and ponder what your would look like. So here goes my humble version of it:

I hope that our political leaders and especially our current and future president(s) will wield their influence and power wisely. That they may aspire to inspire the people whom they serve by embracing openness, transparency, collaboration, diversity, and the fundamental ideas of our founding fathers. I hope that empathy and compassion with occupy their thoughts and that violence and military action will always stay the last resort in resolving conflicts. I further hope that this thought carries down to each of us citizens. Anger and hatred are shortsighted emotions making for bad leadership.

I hope that our United States of America will continue to stay the world’s beacon of personal freedom, justice for all, and most of all for attempting to help people worldwide who cannot fend for themselves. America provides hope to so many people worldwide and they look up to us to do the right (best) thing. I hope that America will keep inspiring people to wonder what they should do and help them pursue this dream.

I hope that our generation will find the best way to ensure that our children and theirs to come will be able to enjoy their version of the American Dream. I hope for clean and safe places to live with clean water, food, and energy that will be there for generations to come from long-term sustainable sources.

I hope that all our religious leaders will attempt embracing the differences of other faiths and reach out helping understand one another. I hope that they will also figure out better ways to communicate with each other. I hope that we will learn to embrace asking difficult questions such that we may learn from each other and that this will lead to more acceptance and knowledge.

I hope that mankind will find ways to eradicate such terrible diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, etc. I especially hope that we will figure out how the youngest of us – children – may live long lives without ever having to experience any of such severe diseases.

I hope that what we call communities will in fact stay or once again become communities where people care for each other. I hope that we will enjoy a local infrastructure that supports a better way to get around to work, to meet, and congregate.

I hope that our schools and school systems will help teach and guide our youngster to become self-sufficient, bright, self-motivated, and happy adult who will one day carry our society. I hope that we can all aspire to look at them as what they are: human beings and not human “doings”. I hope that all of us parents will appreciate and value how precious a good education is.

I hope that students, schools, colleges, government, and free enterprise will figure out how to work together in providing a learn and earn environment teaching important job and life skills while also including secondary education choices. I hope that our young people will be able to enjoy a dept free entry into productive and fun careers.

I hope most of all that I will lead a life leaving a positive legacy. I hope that I will deliver upon my commitments. I hope that I will be candid, open, transparent, trusting, enthusiastic, loving, forgiving, collaborative, communicative, spiritual, and content with my life (everything I ever wanted from life I already have). I hope to step up when it is my time to help protect others who cannot protect themselves. I hope to be a good father – the best one I can be. I hope to be a good husband and that I will make the best decisions for my family.

What are your hopes?


Who has been the most influential person in your life? Did you tell her or him about that?

Who has been the most influential person in your life? Did you tell her or him about that? 20150524_075128

Take a moment and ponder this question. Past or present, who has had the most influence in your life? Who are the people that come to your mind?

For me this one person is grandpa Herrmann pictured right next to the final result of the most severe accident I have been in. Opa Herrmann did things in his life despite vast amounts of adversity he kept facing. Thinking of him keeps me inspired on so many levels.

He was born in 1909 and his family went through the first rough times during and after WWI. Then the depression era occurred and once again they were barely making ends meet. The Nazis took power and he took the unpopular route belonging to the liberal SPD party and thus never joining the NSDAP party. That was a very gutsy and highly unpopular position to take. Just before WWII he married the love of his life and two children were born during the war. He was part of a forward moving maintenance unit for a fighting group right behind Russian enemy lines.

His wife died from child birth complications not too long after my mom was born. The family could not care for both and they are divided and live with different relatives. His first wife’s sister could not stand that they are separated and abandons her own marriage caring for both children at Opa’s homestead – he was far away from all of this at the front.

The war is turning for the worse. He barely made it out of Stalingrad before it closes in on German Landser soldiers. The war ends and he was still in Russia when him and a few of his unit buddies threw their weapons into the ditch. They walked back West home bound. They hiked during the dark and somehow make it across the then Eastern border of Germany. Somewhere in Buttelstedt Germany an American officer most likely saved his life by writing him a passage letter allowing him to hike back home. He finally made it home after weeks worthwhile of hiking.

He eventually took a chance on a factory job where he successfully worked for over three decades. He stayed active in the local community and became a volunteer in the local volunteer fire company. He loved helping others and most of all he was fair – very fair. He had no favorites amongst all of his kids and the grand kids. We always go the same treatment and also money. He did this with a passion that I have never seen anywhere else. He always had an open ear and time for people and loved listening to their stories.

He was a great mentor providing many opportunities for us to learn hard lessons in a safe environment. He would let you fail, but was always there to also save you when things started getting out of hand. He would not sugar coat the truth, but he would also not push his own agenda. I surely miss him and his razor sharp wit and sense of humor. His zest for life and unrelenting drive challenging the people around him to live up to their full potential has been truly inspiring.

I am sure that it is easy to see why Opa had such a big impact on my life. How about you? Who inspires you the most? Is this person still alive today? If so, please make sure that you tell this person how much he/ she means to you.


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