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Who has got more tolerance for your unfiltered thoughts?

Who has got more tolerance for your unfiltered thoughts? Ralf a

Do you really enjoy more leeway at home when you say what and how you really feel? That is what a person attending a seminar with me a while ago asserted. Sure, at work one should be as objective as possible and depending on your company’s culture that may be more or less guarded. Can you afford pulling out all stops at home though because you are related to everyone?

While it may be true that family may have a harder time disowning you, you still can hurt feelings when you share your unfiltered thoughts with them. Therefore, it may take longer for them to be really annoyed, but when someone gets fed up with you it may just get as ugly as it would get at work. So why treat folks differently based on setting in the first place? Can you overextend your welcome with family just because its family? I think so – how about you?


3 fascinating things can be learned from watching Star Trek

3 fascinating things can be learned from watching Star Trek cup

Not too long ago my son and I spent some time watching TV together. Being a family of geeks and nerds, it is perhaps not surprising that we watched Star Trek – The Next Generation . I just could not believe how much he got into the show. He reminded me of when I watched the original series Star Trek (still my #1). How did my son turn into an on the spot enthusiast?

The question still occupies my mind. How does this franchise manage capturing fans year after year? Here are three thoughts that I wanted to share with you:

Inspiration. Humans managed to solve their biggest issues: War, energy, clean water and air, and peacefully exploration of space. How much more inspiring can this get? The original series took on inter racial relationships and equal rights for women. Those are all things we take for granted today.

Intrigue. Will we ever be able to go to other solar systems? Are there other systems out there that can support life? What else is out there? We know what we know, but is it not fascinating to wonder what else is out there to explore for us? Star Trek did a great job capturing these thoughts.

Reflection. It is amazing to me how small and insignificant we are in the big scheme of things. If you want to kick this effect up a notch please watch the film Hubble narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio? The vastness of space is hard for us humans to comprehend.

The greatest thing Star Trek did was to invoking thoughts without providing specific answers. That is the greatest achievement for any show – telling a specific story about something that is based pure imagination mixed with science free from dogma. Let your mind wander and wonder sometime soon. When you have a chance watch an old episode just for fun.


Should we treat our young folks like adults?

Should we treat our young folks like adults? Ralf a

We live in a pencil and eraser society and yet when children and adults alike do something stupid all we seem to be interested in is assigning culpability and punishment. The use of pencils in school and work is remarkable. You make a mistake and it is quickly gone by taking the eraser to it. This is not so when it comes to crime and punishment. It is really so sad to watch. Here we literally miss such a great opportunity to offer especially young folks with an opportunity to realize what went wrong, make sure that a lesson is learned, and then offer an opportunity to join the rest of us in “normal” (insert your meaning of this word here) society again.

Some adults have proven track records that they cannot learn much anymore and those are the ones that we should think twice about letting them join our ranks again soon without safeguards. One key issue that you should ponder sometime soon is what happens to younger and younger folks: Children and adolescents are more and more treated like adults. You do two things when you mentally throw away the keys to their future. For one you rob them of their youth. Let children be children. They make mistakes that should not prevent them making a positive contribution before they even had as much as a chance. The other thing that you teach them is that they are not “worth” the effort and worse yet because they now have permanent black marks on their records can no longer gain access to better education or careers.

I am not advocating a free for all for everyone. I am just saying that we all deserve a second chance at life and perhaps more if we can prove to society that we can make a positive contribution. Let’s start making common sense a common practice.



When other people talk about you is none of your business

When other people talk about you is none of your business Smaller FB

The premise of this is really simple: If you get to wrapped up in what others think of you and how they react to what you write about, how you decide something, what you look like, etc, you may lose what you are really all about. Another nasty fall out may be that this kind of thinking pattern makes you feel anxious – really anxious.

For a decent portion of my adolescence I had fallen victim to it myself. In the end I made decisions and voiced my intentions based on what I felt would offend the least amount of people. What a dangerous slippery road this was. It set the stage for future misconceptions and expected behaviors.

Does that sound like you? Do not feel bad; this will happen to just about any of us at one point in time or another. Ask yourself a very simple question when you feel anxious: When you have made a decision and you voice your opinion candidly, will your groceries, gas at the local sources costing you any different amount compared to the people that you are worried about? It may sound silly to you, but this kind of mental framing has helped a few people to feel a lot better about themselves.

On the path to the true YOU and a genuine self your first step is to not worry about what other people think or expect of you. Brutal honesty with yourself and scanning for what you really want or do not want is the next step. If you have managed to get to the very inner core belief and connect your desires, talents and visions with it, you will emerge with a clear picture what the future will look like. Once you can picture it and you voice your intentions, you will automatically find allies that will stand by your side and help you. Listen to these folks – whatever the other folks think is no business of yours.

My call to action is for you to think about a situation where you were too much concerned about how other people were talking about you. If you had to do this again, how would you do this differently now?


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